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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2020 Dec: Average price per sq feet $11305 4.82%   (last month:$11877)
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【Promotion】 Promotions List of New Projects.

【Promotion】Le Point in So Kwun Wat, Tuen Mun The appliances and materials for house king in block 1 is upgraded, including upgrading the kitchen cooking bench to artificial stone and setting steam oven, indu...

【The Reach】 Average sq ft price of the addition launched price list: HKD 7,249

【The Reach】Developer addition launched the price list yesterday including 102 units located in building 8 and building 11 at average sq ft price HKD7,249. According to the price list, the lowest sq ft price is H...

【Gardenia】 First 5 buyers of appoint units during Mid-Autumn Day and National Day vacation will earn dual home buying preferential

【Gardenia】The developer said, they will provide double home buying preferential for buyers during Mid-Autumn Day and National Day vacation. First 5 buyers of appoint units can enjoy stamp duty preferential and ...

【The Beaumount】 Project latest launch total value at HKD 600,000 preferential benefit; And launch new price list at average feet price HKD6,207 base in martgage pay immediately calculation

【The Beaumount】The developer said, especially provide home buyers preferential benefit of " Home ownership scheme Upgrade Changing operation". The first 30 original owner of Home ownership scheme who buy the projec...

【The Beaumount】 Developer cooperate AMTD to provide 40 years long mortgage plan

【The Beaumount】The developer said, they will cooperate by AMTD to provide 40 years long mortgage plan for the project buyers with interest about 2.5% to 2.75%. Take one 3 rooms unit in about HKD 6 millions for calcu...

【One Wanchai】 The developer said it is not exclude to cut or cancel preferential after the end of this month.

【One Wanchai】The developer said the "Honour "one" Gift" 10% Home buyers preferential launched earlier will expire this month. They will cancel and reduce preferential policy according to the market reasult. And ...

【Festival City 3】 Developer provide low interest rates on mortgage plan with quota limit is 5.

【Festival City 3】The developer said will provide low interest rates on mortgage plan with quota limit is 5, and will through AMTD cooperate with bank to supply favorable policy of H + 1.5% in first year and followed b...

【Hill Paramount】 From now on project buyers can enjoy preferential

【Hill Paramount】The developer said, buyers can won free stamp duty and get packing place which in printed value HKD800,000 from today. In addition, the duplex sample flat in Room A, 32nd floor of building 2 also on i...

【Festival City 3】 Developer provide first 30 buyers with Easter golden egg.

【Festival City 3】The developer said they have delivery all the Easter gold rabbits to first 30 buyers who won the favorable gifts last week. So will launch 30 more pcs of golden eggs for first 30 buyers from yesterda...

【Festival City 3】 Developer provide preferential for first 88 units launched yesterday.

【Festival City 3】Developer launch new price lists yesterday include 164 units. According to the price list, base in mortgage pay immediately calculation the lowest feet price is HKD7,814. It is located in north side ...
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