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[Land news] News and articles ...

【Land news】 Mong Kok Land Sells for HKD85.9 Million, A Price Level Same as New Territories Land and Lower than the Valuation Lower Limit.

【Land news】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Journalist Ngan Lun Lok) Developers' intention to invest in the land has greatly diminished under the situation of the epidemic that is affecting the global economy. The bid...

【Land news】 Tiny Residential Land Site in Mong Kok only Receives 5 Bids.

【Land news】The tender for the land site in Reclamation Street and Shanghai Street closed yesterday. The Lands Department announced that a total of 5 bids had been received. The surveyor bluntly states that the n...

【Land news】 Nam Sang Wai Applies for Building 5000 Public and Private Houses.

【Land news】The site contains the borrowed land Tung Sam Village. SHKP expressed it did not know the applicant. The government's search for land and housing can be described as twists and turns, and even the i...

【Land news】 Post Office's Nearly One Hundred Billion Commercial Land Site in Hong Kong Central District Enters the Market.

【Land news】"Double standard" is used in tendering. The project becomes the key to reach the target. The Hong Kong government urgently needs to increase income facing the record-breaking financial deficit at ...

【Land news】 Nam Sang Wai Applies for Building 5000 Public and Private Housing Units.

【Land news】The site contains the borrowed land, Tung Sam Village. SHKP said it does not know the applicant. The government has experienced ups and downs in searching the land for house building. Even the inte...

【Land news】 13,600 Private Homes Completed Last Year; A New Low in Four Years.

【Land news】Knight Frank: Housing construction slows down at any time due to the weak economy and the novel coronavirus epidemic. The housing supply in Hong Kong is tight. A series of violent clashes triggered...

【Land news】 Response of Land Donation. Chiu Kwok-Hung of Cheung Kong: The Farmland Reserve Is Not Much.

【Land news】In recent months, major developers have helped the Government to build intergrade houses by donating or borrowing land to solve the social problem of waiting too long for public housing. The Executive...

【Land news】 Foreign Powerful Company Kaisa Won Residential Land Site in Tuen Mun for HKD3.5 billion; The First Time Winning Official Land in Hong Kong with Price Near the Upper Limit of Market Expectation.

【Land news】Mainland real estate company won a Hong Kong residential land site again. Residential land site in Castle Peak Bay section, Castle Peak Road, District No.48, Tuen Mun had collected 16 tenders on last ...

【Land news】 Wheelock Provides Land to Build 2000 Intergrade Houses.

【Land news】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Yan Lunle) To improve the poor living environment of the grassroots citizens, the Government introduced a target of supplying 10,000 intergrade houses within three years in...

【Land news】 Citic Pacific Wins Tai Hang Road Land and Will Invest HKD5.5 Billion to Build Top Luxury Project.

【Land news】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Yan Lunle) The bid for land site of the luxury project in No.135 Tai Hang Road, Mid-level was opened yesterday, and CITIC Pacific won for HKD3.2 billion under the competiti...
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