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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Dec: Average price per sq feet $10356 8.77%   (last month:$11351)
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[Land news] News and articles ...

【Land news】 Bad Beat! Goldin Group Took Kai Tak Land By HKD8.9 Billion.

【Land news】The square feet price is 6.9% higher than of the nearby land. And the total investment is about HKD14 billion. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yan Lun Le) The No. 4 ground of Kai Tak 4B District...

【Land news】 Wong Chuk Hang Station received 3 sets of 36 intentions

【Land news】

Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Su Hongkai) MTR Wong Chuk Hang Station Phase III Property Development Project intercepted the intention yesterday and received a total of 36 letters of intent. The ...

【Land news】 The top price of the king’s land is estimated at 90,000 yuan

【Land news】

Half a year 飙 50% epilepsy property prices in the next quarter

The government will announce plans for land sales for the next quarter at the end of this month. According to the previously ...

【Land news】 Wong Chuk Hang Station Phase 3 which value 36.1 billion got intention

【Land news】

Floor price or see 24,000 premium over 10 billion challenge records

Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Yan Lun Le) The MTR Wong Chuk Hang Station Phase 3 finally appeared. The MTR announced y...

【Land news】 Public auction of land temporarily no intention to resume

【Land news】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yan Lun) The Development Bureau announced yesterday that starting from next quarter, the bidding of other bidders was announced about 4 weeks after the government aw...

【Land news】 Lee Shau-kee buy 2 Kai Tak Land from HNA Group which the price is 12% higher

【Land news】

Constantly spend 15.66 billion square feet more than 15,000 new highs in the region

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (Reporter Su Hongqiang) Recently, the HNA Group, caught in a sting of financia...

【Land news】 Lung Cheung Road, Kowloon feet to the king

【Land news】

Wharf 12.4 billion won the bid 28,500 HKD per square foot flour over bread

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yan Len Le) Hong Kong stock market boom, a record high, the Hong Kong government i...

【Land news】 [Land Supply Series] urban areas continue to push prices rise

【Land news】

Developers to balance the risk of supply of household materials polarization

In recent years, land hurricanes have all been sold in various urban areas. They dominate the market supply and...

【Land news】 Wang Xin effect second-hand repeatedly broken top

【Land news】

775 million new high-priced Hilton Center store sale Jingguang public housing appreciation 4 times

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yan Lun Le) Cheung Sha Wan to the king effect, coupled wit...

【Land news】 Cheung Sha Wan Land sell 17.2 billion, which is the most expensive in history

【Land news】

Letter Shimao and other consortia won 17,000 feet fare comparable to Kowloon Tong

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yan Len Le) property prices continue to rise, the government land sales als...

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