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[Mortgage] News and articles ...

【Mortgage】 Hibor Has Nine Rises in One Month. It May Fall Next Month.

【Mortgage】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Journalist Ma Chui-Mei) The quarterly settlement days are approaching, and market liquidity is tightening. Hibor has risen across the board for three consecutive days, and i...

【Mortgage】 The Mortgage Applications of Employees from Over Ten Industries Will Be Tightened.

【Mortgage】The outbreak of epidemic causes layoffs. The approval for aviation services halts. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Journalist Lai Chi-Tin, Ma Chui-Mei) The global spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, immigrat...

【Mortgage】 An Era of Zero Interest Rate Benefits A Stable Property Market in Hong Kong.

【Mortgage】An interest rate cut by 1% can save HKD1,500 monthly for borrowing HKD3 million. The Fed suddenly cut interest rates by another 1%, and the US interest rate returned to the "zero-interest era" dur...

【Mortgage】 [Fighting COVID-19] Nearly 60% of People Expect Hong Kong to Cut Interest Rates Next Year.

【Mortgage】The epidemic hits the economy. Survey: Citizens wait and see the property market trend. To alleviate the economic impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Fed suddenly cuts interest rates by 0.5%, th...

【Mortgage】 HKMA Pays Attention to Construction Period Payment Risks.

【Mortgage】There is a first-hand housing estate that has 80% of buyers choosing construction period payment. The government relaxed the property price upper limit of the mortgage insurance plan in the policy ...

【Mortgage】 [Fighting COVID-19] Hong Kong Banks Continuously Launch Bailout Plans Which Are Expected to Stabilize the Property Market.

【Mortgage】Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) allows banks to deal with mortgage period upper limit flexibly. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Ngan Lun-Lok) The COVID-19 epidemic has stopped many economic activi...

【Mortgage】 Banks Follow to Launch Interest Repayment Do Not Cover the Principal; BOC Extends the Measure to Loans of Mortgage Insurance Programme.

【Mortgage】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Yan Haau-Ling) Affected by the novel pneumonia epidemic, Hong Kong's economic activity has recently become frozen. Following the launch of five measures, including "repaym...

【Mortgage】 Bank of China Provides Property Mortgage That Interest Repayments Do Not Cover Principal for One Year of the Longest.

【Mortgage】Chinese companies in Hong Kong take the lead to launch five measures to fight the epidemic, helping enterprises and citizens tide over difficulties. Under the continued outbreak of the novel pneumo...

【Mortgage】 Hong Kong Reduced P Interest by 0.125% for the First Time in 11 Years.

【Mortgage】HSBC: It hopes to reduce business costs when the Hong Kong economy is in trouble. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Shum KinLok) The Fed cut interest rates by 0.25% as expected, the third time this yea...

【Mortgage】 Banks Use Mortgage Quota of Next Year to Process the Mortgage Approvals for Customers Benefiting the Mortgage Relaxation Measures.

【Mortgage】The rejection of buyers borrowing a high percentage mortgage for the first housing triggers attention. The Government relaxed the property price upper limit under mortgage insurance of the high pe...
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