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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2017 Jul: Average price per sq feet $10701 3.27%   (last month:$10362)
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[Transactions] News and articles ...

【Transactions】 Tung Yuk Court foreclosure which sold in Hong Kong with second expensive


Green table price of 780.8 million away from the top less than 80,000

Hong Kong Wen Hui News (Reporter Su Hongqiang) property market higher than the cold, HOS flats real estate emerge, but...

【Transactions】 Li Hong Kong City, the new building Wang price of 20 million


Hong Kong Wen Hui News (Reporter Su Hong Qiang) index housing re-record breaking the top of the transaction, Kwun Tong Li Hong Kong City Birthplace King, a pair of households linked to the cost of...

【Transactions】 Lang Hong Ping Hong Kong Building near 100 million to buy cast


The average area of ​​2259 feet per square foot over 38,000

Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Su Hongqiang) Even if the high prices of property in recent months, no shortage of city celebrit...

【Transactions】 The most expensive public housing in Kowloon, Tung Tau Estate sold 4.29 million


Hong Kong Wen Hui News (Reporter Su Hongqiang) property market to reproduce the ice mixed, the public housing market in Hong Kong and record refresh. Wong Tai Sin Tung Tau Village to 429 million (...

【Transactions】 Public housing price of 15 yuan in the new high German village 165 foot households 3 years to earn 1 times 2.48 million put


Hong Kong Wen Hui News (Reporter Yan Leng Le) "broken, broken, broken", the recent house over the top of the house speed, faster than the house business machine breaking speed. On the ot...

【Transactions】 Cheung Sha Wan "four dragons" two room epilepsy 10 million


Bihai blue sky price of 21,000 area first

Hong Kong Wen Wei Bao (Reporter Liang Yueqin, Yan Lun Le) The Hong Kong Monetary Authority hot investors into the market, often new high prices, T...

【Transactions】 Even the birth of the New Territories accommodation Wang Baoying price per square foot broken million


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Su Hongqiang) catch the bus crazy tide blowing more strong, straight up prices, such as HOS flats in the New Territories to rise like a helicopter, born again HOS &q...

【Transactions】 Metro Town repossessed property more expensive $27 hundred-thousand


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po news (reporter Yan Lundu) The sources in the market is scarce, leading to the asking price of owner rising, more buyers to grab more property. Tseung Kwan O Metro Town 3-bedro...

【Transactions】 "Paradise price per square foot," the 10,000 threshold for the first


Maywood broken into the top of the roof occupation Kingswood 25-year high

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Su Hongqiang) was seen as "paradise on the bus" in Kingswood Villas in Ti...

【Transactions】 Kingswood Villas broken roof households auction calendar


Years price (yuan) price per square foot (RMB) liters / devaluation

2017 4,430,000 10,045 ↑ 95%

2012 2,270,000 5,147 ↓ 26%

1997 3,060,000 6,939 -

Tab: Reporter Su H...

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