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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2017 May: Average price per sq feet $10254 0.79%   (last month:$10174)
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[Trend] News and articles ...

【Trend】 Private housing rents hit a record high


Less than five HKD rent real estate summer vacation is growing trend

Hong Kong Wen Wei Lun (Reporter Yan Lun Le) property prices rose to the peak of the occasion, although the rent is rela...

【Trend】 A second-hand sale of Mother's Day


The new real estate to sell 20 to 6 into the top ten house 8 holding the egg

Hong Kong Wen Weihui (Reporter Zhang Meiting) last Friday, the sudden move to tighten the bank's financing ...

【Trend】 More repossessed property appear in market, which do not divide into cheap or expensive.


The market is nearly nine weeks in nine Kowloon Tong houses more than 200 million most boast

Hong Kong Wen Wei reported that the occasion of the rapid rise in property prices, the market s...

【Trend】 Used turnover Resurrection Day


Property prices continue to set new fear "late to buy more expensive" to grab market

After Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po news (reporter Cai Jing-wen) from tightening "and more ...

【Trend】 Property market frenzy: property prices force buyers cornered fight to break the top


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po news (reporter Yan Lundu) a number of housing data released yesterday, all new high. Which shipped Housing Authority announced the next 3-4 years supply of private buildings a...

【Trend】 More expensive of the property, more Hong Kong people buy it


Worried late to buy more expensive estimated 62% of people did not finish l

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po news (reporter Zhuangcheng Min) worry later than buy more expensive, even if the current po...

【Trend】 Lai Chew Fook Aun New: No "Black Swan" difficult setback Harbor House


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po news (reporter Yan Lundu) Lai Sun Development (0488) recent government land are not tender, Vice Chairman and Executive Director Chew Fook Aun responded yesterday, would not j...

【Trend】 Superman to see prices: do not fall within two years


Your bread flour unrealistic not buy expensive land

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po news (reporter Ouyang Wei Fang) Hong Kong property prices continue to challenge new highs, the length and the Depar...

【Trend】 [Crazy of Property market] property market get ten billion within 2 days


Three new properties sell more than 900 units, increase price to call people buy the property earlier

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po news (reporter Zhang Meiting) The market of property keeps hot, t...

【Trend】 Property frenzy: the car plate 14 more confer 260,000


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po news (reporter Yan Lundu) Ap Lei Chau to the king, "astronomical" sold about three weeks, boosting the local news high prices index for the first four weeks of innov...

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