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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Feb: Average price per sq feet $11378 4.02%   (last month:$10938)
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[Trend] News and articles ...

【Trend】 劏 real estate disk market alarm ring


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yan Lun) Acting Branch latest research report pointed out that the new real estate Class A units (area less than 430 square feet) the proportion of 22% of the total ...

【Trend】 The price of green form HOS more than $8 million


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Su Hongqiang) The new head of the dog year prosperous phase, second-hand HOS flats continued "lunar month breaking the roof", Shau Kei Wan Tung Yuk Court for 8 milli...

【Trend】 Chicken feet price epilepsy Belvedere garden best


Wagon passengers pour into the New Territories to win more Hong Kong Island Kowloon

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yan Len) Chicken will be over, the property market this year, the propert...

【Trend】 Mainland customers buy 30% of Hong Kong luxuary units


Last quarter, the amount of turnover hit a new high of 5 years accounted for 33.4%

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yan Lun) Recently, a new property in Tsuen Wan Bo Ao Bay won a pass from t...

【Trend】 The stock market scare and enrich the plate that night chop three balls


Acting: If the two-week diarrhea more than 5,000 points shook the public confidence

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (Reporter Su Hongqiang) Global stock markets without warning under the turmoil...

【Trend】 Large changes in the property market in the small cap alarm number 7.6 million face to face


80% of the potential supply of high-risk recovery

High property prices, developers in accordance with the purchasing power of buyers by building more units, pushing up the supply of new re...

【Trend】 Snail buying the whole family do not eat 20 years


U.S. Report: Hong Kong Building super hard to bear the highest weight of eight global

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yan Lun) Hong Kong property prices once again become "world-renown...

【Trend】 Second-hand heating temperature increase in the top ten housing transactions


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (Reporter Wu Wanling) The Legislative Council passed the renewal deadline for refunding tax rebates, one-hand new real estate sales flourishing, second-hand market warmin...

【Trend】 Li Ka-shing: This property market can still be bought from home


The state pays attention to economic construction and Hong Kong will certainly find its own way

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (Reporter Leung Yue Qin) Last year, the property market in Hong Ko...

【Trend】 Homicide neighborhood homes sell sold out!


Fares more than 10,000 Hong Kong Wancheng owner earned 7.39 million

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Su Hongqiang) Property prices in the new year continued a hot year last year, and even cr...

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