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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2021 Jan: Average price per sq feet $11496 0.7%   (last month:$11416)
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Mingri·Jiudushan sold 98 units on Saturday compared to the same district


Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po reported that the offensive of new real estate sales continues. Recently, the overall property market atmosphere has improved. The first-hand market is very lively. This Saturday, the melee of new real estate will reappear. Shatin Mingri·Kiudushan’s subscription response was satisfactory. The project was launched with 27 additional units. The overall discounted average price per square foot was RMB 17,686, the discounted price ranged from RMB 7.85 million to RMB 23.71 million, and the price per square foot ranged from RMB 16,219 to RMB 19,339. , Some units have increased their prices by 2% to 3%.

Huang Sicong, investment director of Cheung Kong Real Estate, said that the project has issued sales arrangements to implement the first round of 98 units for sale this Saturday, including 49 units of two-room households, and the rest are three- or four-bedroom large households. The discounted average price per square foot is 17,839 yuan, compared with the same district The discount exceeds 10%. The entire batch of units is priced from RMB 15,599 to RMB 22,557 per square foot, and the selling price ranges from RMB 7.628 million to RMB 27.644 million. Developers will close at 3 pm on Friday to accept subscriptions.

Royal Mid-Levels sells 6 units on Saturday at a net price of 16,914

SHKP Tuen Mun Royal Mid-Levels once again updated the price lists of the 4 units in Phases 1 and 2, with individual units increasing by as much as 5%. At the same time, the latest sales arrangement is uploaded. Phases 1 and 2 provide 4 units and 2 units respectively. A total of 6 units are on the market. The saleable area ranges from 312 square feet to 455 square feet. If calculated with a 60-day payment plan, the discounted price will range from RMB 5.967 million to RMB 7.371 million, with an average discounted price of RMB 16,914 per square foot. The units will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis this Saturday.

Boaozhuang II goes upstairs to book prices today

The Pavilia Village I at Tai Wai Station developed by New World Development and MTR sold well, and the developer immediately launched the second phase of the project Pavilia Village II. The new building brochure has just been uploaded, and the open floor plan is launched for the first time, with a unit area of 264 square meters. From feet.

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