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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2020 Oct: Average price per sq feet $11600 0.03%   (last month:$11597)
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New disk starts again with 3 sets and 256 units on Saturday


Emperor. Golden Bay is expensive 11.9% Evergrande. Ruifeng increase rebate

The new crown pneumonia epidemic has eased slightly, and the new real estate market will restart this Saturday. Golden Bay, Changsha Bay Evergrande. The 15 WESTERN STREET buildings of Ruifeng and Xiying have been released for a total of 256 units. Among them, Emperor Yu. Jinwan added 94 units yesterday, with a discounted average price of RMB 15,193 per square foot, which is a 3% increase from the actual price per square foot of the No. 5 price list added last week, and a cumulative discount of the actual price per square foot compared to the first price list on the 22nd of last month. The increase was 11.9%. As for Evergrande. Ruifeng also launched 47 additional units yesterday and added one of the "ad valorem stamp duty payment" rebate or direct reduction of property prices to two-bedroom and three-bedroom buyers, which is a disguised price reduction. ■Hong Kong Wen Wei Po reporter Liang Yueqin

Both the first two rounds of sales reported good results. The Imperial Group cooperated with Hong Kong Ferry, Tuen Mun Castle Peak Bay Imperial. Jinwan added 94 units yesterday, with an area of 215 to 547 square feet, deducting a maximum 6% discount, and the discounted price is 3.681 million to 8.624 million yuan. Of these, 45 units and the 123 units on the No. 5 price list added last week, a total of 168 units The third round of sales will be held this Saturday, and tickets will be cut off at noon this Friday.

Emperor. Golden Bay received 10,500 votes

This batch will be divided into Group A and Group B to select buildings. Group A can buy 2 to 4 units, but only 8 units are available for sale. Group B can buy up to 2 units. Lin Damin, general manager of the sales (1) department of Henderson Property Agency, who is in charge of sales, said that about 10,500 votes have been recorded for the property as of yesterday afternoon, with intermediaries accounting for 242 votes.

Lin Damin said that the greening of the public space in the project is vast, and 32 units of unique gardens with gardens, "Green Golden Bay", are introduced, with a unit area of 185 to 527 square feet and a garden area of 31 to 346 square feet. He said that he plans to keep 10 to 20 units of "Green Golden Bay""For sale by tender, with an intended price of more than 20,000 HKD per square foot. Six units of "Golden Bay" have been sold in the form of a price list. The highest transaction price is 19,163 HKD per square foot. It is the 11th basement of Block 3 with an area of 189 square feet , With 98 square feet of garden.

Evergrande. Ruifeng up to 15% discount

In addition, Changsha Bay Evergrande, a subsidiary of China Evergrande. Ruifeng added 47 units yesterday, covering open-plan to three-bedroom units, of which three-bedroom units were launched for the first time. Developers have also added new property purchase offers. Buyers who purchase two-bedroom and three-bedroom buyers will also have a "pay ad valorem stamp duty" rebate. The maximum limit is 3% of the transaction amount, or one of the discounts on the property price, namely the two Units can enjoy a discount of up to 15%, and the price is reduced in disguise, making the entire price list of about 30 units discounted to less than 10 million yuan.

The additional 47 units with an area of 224 to 639 square feet are discounted from 5.44 million to 13.075 million yuan. The developer arranges for sale of 85 units this Saturday. The developer provides a 90% one- or thirty-two-year "first-year interest-free and non-payment" plan. The mortgage interest starts from the 13th month, and the annual interest rate from the 13th to the 36th month is the best interest rate (P) Subtract 2.5%, followed by the prime rate (P) plus 3%. The property has sold more than 145 units since its sale at the end of last year.

Bidding for 3 units of Vanke Xiying project

On Hong Kong Island, 15 WESTERN STREET, located in the Xiying project of Vanke Hong Kong Development, also launched a tender this Saturday for 3 units of characteristic units, including the "SKY FIFTEEN" characteristic unit with only 2 units on the top floor and roof. Among them, Room A on the 31st floor is a 3-room partition with an area of 620 square feet and a roof of 487 square feet; Room B on the 31st floor is a 2-room partition with an area of 564 square feet and a roof of 408 square feet. The other bidding unit is a 3-bedroom special unit in Room A on the 27th floor, with an area of 661 square feet and a continuous 122 square foot platform. Since the start of sales in January, 28 units have been sold.

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