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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2020 Oct: Average price per sq feet $11600 0.03%   (last month:$11597)
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Seacoast Royale promotes 123 units more, the price increases 2%,


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Leung Yueqin) New buildings on the train in Tuen Mun are on hot sale, and developers are actively increasing prices and pushing. Empire Group cooperated with Hong Kong Ferry Co., Ltd. of Tuen Mun Castle Peak Bay Emperor. Jinwan launched another 123 units yesterday. After deducting the maximum discount of 6%, the discounted average price per square foot is 14,745 yuan, and the discounted admission is 299,000 yuan. Lin Damin, general manager of the sales department of Henderson Property Agency (1), who is in charge of sales, said yesterday that the price of this batch of units is 2% higher than the previous batch. Compared with the first price list on July 22, the discounted average price per square foot was RMB 13,578, an increase of 8.6%.

Discounted average price per square foot is RMB 14,745

Emperor. Jinwan launched an additional 123 units yesterday, with a saleable area of 185 to 547 square feet, including open-plan to two bedrooms with storage rooms. After deducting the maximum discount of 6%, the discounted average price per square foot is 14,745 yuan, and the discounted price is from 299,000 to 741.5 The price per square foot is approximately RMB 12,795 to RMB 20,629.

Lin Damin pointed out that the third round of sales of the building is planned next Saturday. It is expected that 185 units will eventually be sold and the previous sales arrangement will continue. After the first two rounds of sales, the property sold 369 units, cashing in about 1.7 billion yuan, with an average transaction price of 14,237 yuan, a highest transaction price of 19,613 yuan, and a highest transaction price of 7,288,400 yuan. The property also has a double-resident club.

180 million HKD worth of independent houses in Yuanfengma scene

On the other side, Wing Tai Real Estate and Wan Tai Group cooperated with Jiu Du Shan Yuan Feng to sell the Magnum House, a whole-Malaysia scene independent house, with two private garage parking spaces. The transaction price was 180 million yuan, setting a new high for the project. Zhong Zhilin, Executive Director and Director of Sales and Marketing of Wing Tai Real Estate, said that Yuanfeng’s "Magnum House" has a usable area of 5,It is 129 square feet, with a total of 3 floors with roof, four bedrooms and four compartments, 2 parking spaces in the private garage, and 3,016 square feet of spacious private garden with swimming pool.

Big Shouke sweeps 5 units of Yidi with 66.8 million in two days

In addition, the day before yesterday, a group of local customers spent 45.996 million HKD to Hong Kong Industrial to sweep the 4 units B, C, D and E on the 17th floor of Block 5 in Discovery Bay’s existing building in Discovery Bay. Overweight purchased a standard 3-bedroom unit on the same floor of the building from Hong Kong Industrial for 20.804 million HKD through bidding. A total of 66.8 million HKD was spent on sweeping 5 units in two days.

Chen Xiuzhen, Assistant General Manager of Sales and Marketing of Hong Kong Industrial International, said that the unit sold by Yidi yesterday was Unit A on the 17th floor of Tower 5 with a saleable area of 1,066 square feet. It is a three-bedroom and one-suite room with a transaction price of 20.804 million yuan. Price per square foot is RMB 19,516. Yidi started to deliver the building in early April. Together with the units sold yesterday, 103 units of the project have been sold and more than 1.3 billion HKD has been cashed out.

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