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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2020 Oct: Average price per sq feet $11600 0.03%   (last month:$11597)
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Yuhaiwan launched 53 units on Friday, the most flat was 4.6 million


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin) Two new buildings in Tuen Mun have been launched in turn. Following the cooperation between Empire Group and Hong Kong Ferry, Tuen Mun Qingshan Bay Emperor · Jinwan sold 185 units in the second round of Qingshan the day before, SHKP's Tuen Mun Haihuang Road Royal The Gulf announced yesterday that it would launch the third round of 53 units this Friday, of which 40 units will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis, with a discount of 4,600,700 yuan. The other 13 units will be sold through bidding.

Zhang Zhuo Xiumin, general manager of the agency business department of Sun Hung Kai Real Estate, said yesterday that 53 units of Royal Bay, Haihuang Road, Tuen Mun will be launched this Friday, with a saleable area of 254 to 514 square feet, including open-plan, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units. And special households. Among them, 40 units will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis at 7:30 pm this Friday, with a discounted price ranging from 4,600,700 to 9,890,900 yuan, which is an average discounted price of 17,747 HKD per square foot and a discounted price of 15,652 per square foot. To 19,224 yuan, the market value of the discounted price totaled more than 250 million yuan. Another 13 special households will be put on sale in the form of daily bidding starting this Friday.

She said that since the launch of the sale, Royal Bay has sold 152 units, accounting for more than 93% of the saleable units, and cashed in about 1 billion yuan, with an average transaction price of more than 18,530 HKD per square foot.

Emperor. Buyers of Golden Bay Tarts lose 200,000 HKD

On the other side, the Empire Group cooperated with Hong Kong Ferry to cooperate with Emperor Qingshan Bay in Tuen Mun. The first recorded case of Jinwan. According to the transaction record, the first round of sale of the building on August 1st was the first round of sales for 3,963,900 yuan, Room 08, 7th Floor, Tower 3, with a saleable area of 290 square feet, a one-bedroom apartment, the buyer recently cancelled the transaction, it is expected to be the developer The confiscation of 5% of the deposit involved about 200,000 yuan.

Oasis Kai Tak special households sold 44.35 million

In terms of new real estate transactions,About 10 units of first-hand properties were sold yesterday. Among them, Oasis Kai Tak, a subsidiary of Wheelock & Facility, sold a duplex with garden characteristic unit in the form of tender. The unit is a unit from the ground floor to the first floor of Block A in the low block. The price is 44.354 million HKD and the price is 31,479 HKD per square foot. A set of partitions with storage rooms and workshops with toilets has a usable area of 1,409 square feet and a garden area of 448 square feet, making it the largest garden in the project. The Tsing Yi Mingqiaohui, a subsidiary of Garmin Group, sold a three-bedroom apartment. The unit was Unit A on the 3rd floor of Block 2A, with a saleable area of 755 square feet. The transaction price was 10.75 million HKD and the price per square foot was 14,238 yuan.

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