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The new plate sells the sentiment Jin Emperor Yu. Jinwan sells 185 units in the second round


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yan Lunle) The epidemic situation in Hong Kong is severe, but it has not affected the sales of new properties. Yesterday the Hong Kong Ferry and the Empire Group cooperated in the development of Tuen Mun Emperor. Golden Bay conducted the second round of sales, involving 185 units, and finally sold them all again, with a total turnover of about 838 million yuan. The developer stated that it is expected to launch the third batch of units to the market and are confident in the subsequent sales of the project. As the Emperor. Driven by Golden Bay, 209 transactions were recorded in one hand over the past weekend. Golden Bay accounts for 88.5% of it.

Emperor. Jinwan carried out the second round of sales yesterday, involving 185 units. The sales were divided into groups A and B. There was no employee subscription period. Group A large-scale customers can buy up to 4 units, and group B retail investors can buy up to 2 units. The project had intercepted more than 10,100 votes before, which was about 53 times over-purchase. Lin Damin, general manager of the business (1) department of Henderson Property Agency, said that the second round of units were sold out yesterday afternoon, with a total transaction value of about 838 million yuan. Due to the hot sales, it is expected that the third batch of units will be launched soon. Full of confidence in subsequent sales.

Bu Shaoming, Chief Executive Officer of Midland Realty's residential department, said that 80% of the guests from the bank attended yesterday, of which about 80% were from the New Territories, and the rest were from Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Users accounted for about 70%, investors accounted for about 30%; among users, young customers accounted for nearly 80%. He continued that due to the impact of the epidemic, the pace of developers to promote real estate was slightly hindered. It is estimated that the first-hand transactions may fall to the level of at least 1,000 in the whole month. However, depending on the sales of new real estate, once the epidemic is under control, second-hand transactions may have retaliation Style rebound.

According to the data, Emperor Yu. Golden Bay is composed of two towers, providing a total of 611 units. Standard units range from 207 square feet to 547 square feet, and specialty units range from 185 square feet to 1,267 square feet. The studio and 1-bedroom units account for about 75%.Completed in April 2022. The reporter arrived at the sales site yesterday morning. In response to the epidemic, the developer adopted different sales hours to sell the property. Buyers and agents were arranged to queue up for registration, select units, and sign sales and purchase contracts in groups of two people. The site was in good order.

370 units sold over 1.7 billion HKD

It is understood that the project started selling 185 units in the first round on the previous Saturday. It was sold out on the same day and cashed in at 870 million yuan. The developer later added No. 3 and No. 4 price lists for a total of 185 units, with a saleable area of 189 to 547 square feet. After deducting a maximum 6% discount, the discounted price ranged from 2.95818 million to 7.21168 million, which is a discounted price of 12,498 to 19,164 per square foot. Yuan, the discounted average price per square foot is 14,261 Yuan. Two rounds of sales have sold 370 units and cashed in over 1.7 billion yuan.

There were a total of 209 single-handed transactions during the weekend, of which Emperor Yu. There were 185 cases in Golden Bay, accounting for 88.5%, and 24 transactions were recorded for the remaining first-hand new properties. Among them, Junrui Ayton, the Yanwen Lishi Road project in Kowloon Tong, owned by Yongyi Group, sold a 1-bedroom unit over the weekend. Zeng Jiajin, sales and marketing manager of Yongyi Group, said that the unit to be sold was Unit E on the 1st floor of Block 2, which was the lowest price per square foot in the project, with a saleable area of 287 square feet. The selling price was 7.47 million HKD and the price per square foot was about 26,993 yuan. Buyers buy it for self-occupation.

And Wing Tai's Tuen Mun OMA by the SEA sold two groups of special account with platform in the past weekend. Among them, Room C6 on the 5th floor of Tower 2 has a saleable area of 312 square feet, including a 112-square-foot platform. The transaction price is 4.907 million HKD and a net price of 15,728 HKD per square foot; and the first floor of Block 1, Room A5 has a saleable area of 433 square feet and 81 square feet. Platform, the transaction price was 5.645 million yuan, and the practical price per square foot was 13,037 yuan.

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