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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2020 Oct: Average price per sq feet $11600 0.03%   (last month:$11597)
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Seacoast Royale sells 185 units on Sunday


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin) Last Saturday 1st, the first round of 185 units was sold, and the Empire Group cooperated with Hong Kong Ferry to cooperate with Tuen Mun Qingshan Bay Imperial. Golden Bay launched another 62 units yesterday, including 2 units with special gardens. The discounted average price per square foot was RMB 14,393, an increase of 1.4% from the previous price. It announced that it will sell 185 units in the second round on Sunday (9th). From price lists 3 and 4, after deducting the maximum 6% discount, the discounted average price per square foot is 14,261 yuan, and the discounted admission is 2.967 million yuan.

Big-handed customers can buy up to 4 units

Yesterday, 62 units were added, with unit sizes ranging from 189 to 362 square feet, at a discounted price of 2.967 million to 5.047 million, and a discounted price of 13,453 to 19,163 per square foot. The 185 units on sale on Sunday, with an area ranging from 189 to 547 square feet, have an average discounted price of RMB 14,261 per square foot, and a discounted price of RMB 2.967 million to RMB 7.211 million. These units will be closed at noon on Saturday, and the order of building selection will be arranged by lottery. , Divided into group A and individual B group, A group can buy 2 to 4 units, B group can buy up to 2 units.

Lin Damin, general manager of the sales department of Henderson Property Agency (1), who is in charge of sales, said yesterday that in response to the needs of many customers, the No. 4 price list was added yesterday and the second round of sales will be carried out on Sunday. The social distancing and other crowds will continue to be strictly enforced. Control and prevent epidemic measures.

According to information from the Lands Department, the residential project at No. 18 Liping Road, Sha Tin, under Cheung Kong, was named Mingri. Jiudushan, a total of 266 units, is awaiting the approval of the pre-sale consent. The expected completion date is September 2022.

Yi Jing. Longwan re-record 2 transaction fell through

In the new real estate transaction, Poly Real Estate sold Unit A on the 26th Floor of Block 2A of Kai Tak Long Yu for RMB 40.683 million yesterday, with an area of 1,146 square feet and a price of 35 per square foot.,500 yuan. According to the first-hand sales information website, Tsuen Wan Xi Yijing, a subsidiary of MCC Real Estate Hong Kong. Longwan recorded two more transactions that fell through. It involves Room E on the 15th floor of Block 1 and Room F on the 8th floor of Block 1, with an area of 300 and 318 square feet. They were originally accepted for 4.864 million and 4.937 million in April 2019, but have now listed the termination of the sale and purchase agreement.

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