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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2020 Oct: Average price per sq feet $11600 0.03%   (last month:$11597)
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Emperor. Jinwan raises prices by 2%


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (reporter Li Zitian) The Qingshan Bay project in Tuen Mun, which is jointly developed by Hong Kong Ferry and Empire Group, and Henderson is responsible for sales. Golden Bay sold 185 units on the same day in the first round of sales this past weekend. Lin Damin, general manager of the business (1) department of Henderson Land Property Agency, said that the price list of No. 3 123 units will be added at the "epidemic continuation price", which is a 2% increase over the previous batch of units. Add a new price list No. 4 and start the second round of sales as soon as possible.

The discounted average price per square foot is about 14,000 HKD

Among the 123 units added this time, there are 121 standard units and 2 garden characteristic units. The area ranges from 212 to 547 square feet. The discounted price is 2,988,818 to 7,211,680 yuan, which is 12,498 to 18,153 HKD per square foot. , The discounted average price per square foot is 14,198 yuan. The admission unit is Unit 15 on the 1st floor of Block 5, with an area of 215 square feet. The discounted price is RMB 2.95818 million and the discounted price is RMB 13,759 per square foot. The highest price is Unit 01 on the 11th floor of Block 3, with an area of 547 square feet and a discounted price of 721.168. Ten thousand yuan, which is about 13,184 HKD per square foot.

Lin Damin said that it is expected that a new No. 4 price list will be added in the short term, with no less than 10% of the units, and short-term sales arrangements will be announced, so that the next round of sales will be carried out as soon as possible.

Han Jiahui, general manager of the business (2) department of Henderson Property Agency, said Leo Fang, Tai Kok Tsui. Xi An has uploaded a new sales arrangement, which will be released this Friday for 12 units, including 6 open-plan units and 6 1-bedroom units. The discounted price is 4.6351 million to 6.0315 million yuan, and the discounted price per square foot is 22,927 to 24,657 yuan.

Xi An implements the sale of 12 units on Friday Han Jiahui added, Fanling Golf. Yuyuan has just sold A3 bungalows in the form of tender. The saleable area of the bungalow is 2,621 square feet, with 1,308 square feet of garden, and the transaction price is 52.7 million yuan. Han Jiahui pointed out that the current project has sold 10 bungalows in total, with a total of more than 510 million HKD in cash, and is satisfied with the sales.

The Star Causeway developed by SHKP in the same district yesterday sold 6 special units on the 11th floor of Block B (with double parking spaces) for $39.52 million through a tender, with a usable area of 2,219 square feet, plus a 612 square foot platform and 1,149 square foot roof. , Equivalent to a practical price of 17,809 HKD per square foot. According to the transaction record, buyers can get a long transaction period of 1,200 days (more than 3 years), but if the transaction is completed within 360 days, they can get a 2% cash rebate, and they can also check in early.

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