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Developers take different positions in the outbreak


Imperial Gulf Emperor. Jinwan took a photo to OCEAN MARINI

Hong Kong's new coronary pneumonia epidemic has once again erupted, and developers have taken different attitudes towards property development. SHKP’s Tuen Mun Haihuang Road Royal Bay started its sales deployment as usual. It uploaded the sales brochure yesterday, and plans to offer prices and open demonstration units to the public this week, emphasizing that it will strengthen the disinfection of sales offices and separate people. Empire Group and Hong Kong Ferry cooperate to develop the Emperor of Tuen Mun Castle Peak Road. Jinwan also made the price and opened the demonstration unit as soon as possible according to the original plan. However, OCEAN MARINI, a Tseung Kwan O, Sunrise Town, part of Wheelock Properties, was originally scheduled to announce the final cancellation of the end-of-sale sales yesterday, and said that due to the tightness of the epidemic, its sales offices and demonstration units were temporarily closed yesterday and today, making upgrades and cleaning arrangements . ■Hong Kong Wen Wei Po reporter Liang Yueqin

Tuen Mun Royal Bay uploaded the sales brochure yesterday, providing 263 units, all designed with open kitchens. There are 249 units of standard units with an area of 254 to 514 square feet. Open-plan, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units account for 16%, 47% and 24%, respectively. There are also 14 special households, with rooftops or platforms, open to three bedrooms, with an area of 254 to 692 square feet. The project is expected to have a critical date of June 30, 2021, and the pre-completed period is about one year.

Multi-party disinfection per hour in SHKP

For the sale of buildings under the epidemic situation, Xindi said that in order to prevent the epidemic and for the safety of buyers, the project's sales office at the Kowloon Station Global Trade Plaza will set up a series of anti-epidemic measures, including hourly disinfection, spraying intelligent sterilization coating, and Air purification systems and visitors must wear masks and measure body temperature. In addition to the diversion visit, the sales office also has an independent space for agents and buyers, up to 4 people, which will be cleaned and disinfected after the guests leave.

Lin Damin: IndeedKeep everyone safe

As for other developers, the Imperial Group and Hong Kong Ferry cooperated to develop and Tuen Mun Emperor in charge of sales for Hengdi. Jinwan's sales deployment has not changed for the time being. Lin Damin, general manager of Hengji Property Agency Sales (1), said that the project will temporarily maintain the original plan, and the price will be opened and the demonstration unit will be opened as soon as possible this week. He emphasized that the Group will strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of sales offices and demonstration units to ensure the safety of customers, agents and employees. The project has a total of 611 units, and the open-plan unit area starts from 185 square feet.

On the other side, the sales offices and demonstration units of Sunrise Cannes MARINI, GRAND MARINI, OCEAN MARINI, and Cha Kwo Ling KOKO HILLS, which are part of Wheelock Real Estate, were temporarily closed to the public yesterday and today, and made upgrades and cleaning arrangements. Wheelock Real Estate stated that in response to the strain of the epidemic, in order to reduce the risk of community proliferation, it will fully disinfect and clean its exhibition hall, and is actively researching and strengthening anti-epidemic measures to bring maximum protection to the health of employees and visitors.

SEA TO SKY continues to open

Guo Ziwei, director of Cheung Kong Real Estate Investment, said that in view of the recent changes in the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, in addition to requiring guests and agents to cooperate with the epidemic prevention, the disinfection arrangements for the SEA TO SKY sales office in Sunrise Cannes will also be strengthened. Keep open normally.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.