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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2020 Oct: Average price per sq feet $11600 0.03%   (last month:$11597)
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Two new disks are on sale today


KOKO HILLS received 1,400 tickets for SEA TO SKY 37 times oversubscription

Hong Kong's epidemic broke out again, but the demand for residential rigidity was high. The receipt of the two new properties sold today, Cha Kwo Ling KOKO HILLS and Sunrise Cannes SEA TO SKY, continued to receive enthusiastic responses. The news indicates that the former received 1,400 votes, which will be released today 160 units were sold, 7.75 times over-registration, and another 5 units were tendered for sale; the latter received a total of 11,000 votes, and 285 units were sold today, over-registration 37.6 times. On the other side, Chinachem partner MTR cooperation Yuen Long Long City Exchange revised the price list yesterday, adding a price discount of 188,000 HKD for the three units of 25 units in Block 2 to speed up the delivery. ■Hong Kong Wen Wei Po reporter Liang Yueqin

Guo Ziwei, director of Cheung Kong Real Estate Investment, expressed his satisfaction with the performance of Sunrise Cannes SEA TO SKY's subscription response. Due to the epidemic situation, Hung Hom, the sales office of the property, has set up the Metropolis Shopping Mall at noon yesterday, last night and this morning Carried out three times of disinfection work, hoping to give confidence to the customers present, I believe today's purchase will be successfully completed.

Longchenghui Plus Code Promotion Promo

Wu Chongwu, director of the sales department of Chinachem Group, pointed out that Yuen Long Long City Exchange is expected to be handed over to small owners next month. The property still has 98 units, including 17 units with two bedrooms and 81 units with three bedrooms. In order to speed up the promotion of three-bedroom households, the property revised the price list yesterday to add a price discount of 188,000 HKD to the 25-unit three-bedroom households in the second block. The three-bedroom households have a saleable area of 749 and 754 square feet, respectively The special discount of% discount and the price discount of RMB 188,000 for the three-bedroom households in Block 3 were extended to September 30. He said that the real estate sold 622 units, cashing about 5 billion yuan, with an average price per square foot of 14,000 to 15,000 yuan. He said that the Pili Fuxuan luxury residential real estate, Bi Li Xuan, which had uploaded a sales brochure a few days ago, will open the demonstration unit as soon as next month, and it tends to sell it through tenders. As for the Kwun Tong Anderson residential project, which will be launched in the fourth quarter, the real estate will consist of 4 residential towers, providing 334 units, ranging from one-bedroom to three-bedroom households, with two-bedroom households accounting for 40% of the units in the building.

Talking about whether the rebound of the new pneumonia epidemic will affect the developers' deployment of real estate, he believes that it is too early to say that as long as Hong Kong people return to the early stages of the epidemic, prevention awareness and measures are believed to be controllable. He said that after the implementation of the National Security Law of Hong Kong, it will be of great help to social stability and of great benefit to the property market, and he expects the property market to trend slightly better in the second half of the year, with an estimated increase of about 5%.

Evergrande·Ruifeng won 5 big sweeps

In terms of new real estate transactions, Changsha Bay Evergrande Ruifeng Inc., a subsidiary of China Evergrande, offered 54 discounts in disguised discounts yesterday, all of which were sold out yesterday, cashing in about 470 million yuan. Among them, large-scale buyers spent more than 50 million HKD to buy 5 units of 2 room units in a row. It is expected that 2 units will be used for own use, and the other 3 units will be used for rent collection in the future. As of yesterday, there were 100 units available for sale, with a total cash set of about RMB 810 million. The property immediately increased by 55 units last night, with a useful area of 431 to 517 square feet, including 20 two-bedroom and 35 two-bedroom with open kitchen units, maintaining a maximum 12% discount, discounted from 9.857 million to 12.045 million yuan, estimated Launched next week, developers continue to provide 90% one-click, interest-free and supply-free for the first two years, and are expected to launch next week.

Paliburg and Regal Hotels are co-located in Regal, Jiutou, Shatian. Mountain Peak sold House 16 for $93.837 million yesterday at a price of $31,000 per foot, including two residential parking spaces. The transaction period was 720 days.

The detached house has a practical area of 3,027 square feet and a garden area of 1,049 square feet. The rooftop area also reaches 585 square feet.

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