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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2020 Sep: Average price per sq feet $11593 0.67%   (last month:$11671)
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National Security Law Stabilizes New Economic Succession



After the implementation of Hong Kong's National Security Law, it is beneficial to economic stability, Hong Kong stocks continue to rise, and developers are competing to push for real estate. Over the past few days, it has received more than 900 votes. Tea Green KOKO HILLS, a subsidiary of Wheelock Real Estate, yesterday pushed the original price to 80 units, discounting the most expensive price per square foot of 24,900 yuan, and plans to make the first round of public sale and simultaneous launch of four this Saturday The houses or special households are offered for bidding. The Cheung Kong partner MTR Co-op Sunrise SEA TO SKY last night also increased the original price of 209 partners, discounted the average price per square foot of 17,185 yuan, admission discounted per square foot price of 14,212 yuan.

■Hong Kong Wen Wei Po reporter Liang Yueqin

KOKO HILLS, a subsidiary of Wheelock Properties, added 80 units yesterday. The unit's useful area is from 345 to 770 square feet, including one-bedroom to three-bedroom suites. The price list is priced from 9.866 million to 22.594 million yuan, maintaining a maximum of 21.5% Discounts, discounted prices from 774,488,000 to 17,773,600 yuan, per square foot from 20,328 to 24,937 yuan, discounted average per square foot price of 21,526 yuan, excluding landscape, floor and other factors, this batch of units is an increase in the original price, the price list is about the market value of about 1.21 billion yuan, the discounted price is about 950 million yuan. The first three price lists have a total of 243 units, and the average price per square foot is 20,842 yuan. It is estimated that about 3.67 billion HKD (selling price) can be cashed out, which is 2.88 billion yuan.

40% of customers' favorite three-bedroom units

Wheelock Real Estate Executive Director Huang Guangyao said that the newly-launched units are mainly two-bedroom and three-bedroom units. The property will be uploaded to the sales arrangement today. The first round of public sale is planned for this Saturday, and it will be pushed out by tender on this Saturday. 1,300 sq ft above 15th floor of Tower 2Four-bedroom households.

Yang Weiming, general manager of Wheelock Real Estate Business Development, pointed out that in the past weekend, there were nearly 22,000 visits to KOKO HILLS exhibition halls and demonstration units, and nearly 7,000 people watched online. He continued that the property has received more than 900 subscription registrations, 40% of which are three-bedroom units.

In addition, the project guest club, Club KOKO, cooperates with Hong Kong Island Children’s Montessori School (ICMS); the school principal Liu Liming pointed out that the school will be stationed in Club KOKO and provide Montessori for children between nine months and six years old. The profitable courses will also be customized for children of KOKO HILLS residents. Liu Liming said that its courses are mainly to stimulate students' self-directed learning and cultivate learning attitudes. The courses mainly train students' hand-foot coordination, language skills and social skills.

Cheung Kong MTR Co-operation Sunrise Hong Kong SEA TO SKY also added 209 units last night, all of which are three- and four-bedroom units with sea views, including 163 units of three-bedrooms and 46 units of four-bedrooms. The average price per square foot is 17,185 yuan. The net price per square foot is 14,212 yuan.

Guo Ziwei, director of Cheung Kong Real Estate Investment, said the increase was an increase in the original price list, including Room A and Room J in the second three-bedroom building with sea view. He emphasized that as the social atmosphere improved significantly, and the Hang Seng Index also reached a recent high, both of which are beneficial to investors, as a capital arrangement for stock swaps. In fact, some clients of SEA TO SKY recently took advantage of the stock market rebound and exchanged shares for flats. I believe this trend is gradually forming and will have a supportive effect on property prices. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that there will be adjustments to the price increase of individual units in the next increase. The range is estimated to be about 5%.

Evergrande Ruifeng pushes four surprises

Changsha Bay Evergrande under China Evergrande. Ruifeng revised the price list yesterday to launch four replacement industry surprises, including "Ruifeng "Zhizun discount discount" direct reduction of 3% of the property price, "Payment of ad valorem stamp duty" upper limit of 3% of the property price, "Boarding property gift ”Direct deduction of RMB 138,000 to RMB 218,000 and “Interest-free and interest-free for the first 2 years”, you can enjoy the interest-free and interest-free for the first 2 years by selecting “90% first mortgage” or “30% second mortgage” Mortgage interest is calculated from the 25th month, and the annual interest rate from the 25th month to the 36th month is P minus 2.5% (P is 5%), and the subsequent annual interest rate is P plus 3%.

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