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Tiny Units Appear! TPlus Uploaded Brochure for Their Tiny 128 sq ft Units Yesterday; Source Pointed pricing will be public today!

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Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin)

Not fear the dull market, tiny new project launched sales. Deng chengbo family’s TPlus in Tuen Mun which was hot in the whole city uploaded the brochure yesterday. The brochure shows, it is a single building, and up to 29 units on each floor, which is more crowd than in public housing. The main units are open style, in area only 128 sq ft, which is the smallest among new projects after the effect of Regulation of Sale of First Hand Residential Property. Market source pointed this project will public the pricing today at the soonest.
The project provides 356 units, from 19 layers, and they are from open style to three-bedrooms, open style among are 276 units in usable areas from 128 sq ft to 178 sq ft, taking 78%; The usable areas of one bedroom standard units are from 227 sq ft to 247 sq ft, and the usable areas of two bedrooms standard units are from 365 sq ft to 387 sq ft.

On the 21st top floor, there are 8 feature units joining with rooftop, the area of which are from 257 sq ft to 794 sq ft, and all connecting with platform and rooftop. The project is expected to have a key date on September 30, 2019.

One floor has 29 units, and the terrace maybe changed into toilet.

The brochure shows, there are up to 33 units on one floor, deducting rooms 4, 13, 14 and 24, then up to 29 units on one floor. The most feature 128 sq ft "Dragon Bed" is located in Room 31. Although the area is smaller than the standard parking space planned by the government (about 134.5 sq ft), but inside it is square. Most of the units on the same floor have terraces, but the smallest one has no terrace. Instead, it is suspected that the original terrace has been changed into a toilet.

The toilet is about 24 sq ft, as "the sparrow is small but complete," and it provides pedestal toilet, wash basin and shower cubicle. Deducting the toilet area, the total usable area available for the whole house is only about 88 sq ft, including the living room, dining room and open kitchen. It is known that, the single cell ​​Stanley Prison is about 80.7 square feet, which is much the same as unit from Jingjing.

According to the information, the project is located in No. 2, Tsing Min Path, Tuen Mun. In 2014, it was only sold at a floor sq ft price of HKD1,530. The Government announced that the total floor area of ​​the site was over 152,000 sq ft. In July last year, Family Deng purchased the project from the Asia Allied Infrastructure by about HKD1.2 billion. It was originally planned to build public housing, but changed into residential housing because regulations were not applicable. Mainland developer Jiayuan (2768) subsequently become a shareholder in some property from Family Deng, including TPlus. The brochure shows, Jiayuan will be responsible for the management of the project.

Floor area sq ft price was only HKD1530 in 4 years ago.

At the end of 2016, the predecessor of Asia Allied Infrastructure, senior executives from JUNHE, pointed out at the press conference that, the inspiration of this project is from student dormitory, and even emphasized that "even the emperor just sleep on one bed although the Forbidden City is so big." so TPlus always is ridiculed as "dragon bed".

After the implementation of the First-hand Residential Property Sale Ordinance in April 2013, the define of the usable area were clarified making tiny units getting smaller. For example, the thickness of the wall decoration materials could not be counted as part of the wall. The usable area under the new Ordinance also does not include the area of air-conditioned machine room, window sill, loft, platform, garden, parking space, rooftop, stairhood, vestibule or courtyard, even if these items are part of the property.
Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.