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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Oct: Average price per sq feet $11103 1.18%   (last month:$10974)
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[New Homes] News and articles ...

【New Homes】 Two New Projects Sell 60% at the Most in the First Round Sales after the Relaxation Measures.

【New Homes】The buyer clearly stated that "borrowed" Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (by Lai Chi-tin, Chau Hiu-ching) The latest Policy Address brings relaxation measures to the property market for the first time in ...

【New Homes】 The Sales of The Grand Marine Will Start at the End of This Month of the Soonest.

【New Homes】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (by Lai Chi-tin) Developers make hay launch projects as the Sino-US trade negotiations make new progress. The Grand Marine in Tsing Yi will open sample flats and uploaded the p...

【New Homes】 Seaside Sonata Additionally Launches Properties with Markup; 218 Units Will Be Put On Sale on Thursday.

【New Homes】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Chau HiuChing) The property market on the weekend continued to be dull being affected by the violent demonstrations. The first-hand transactions were concentrated in Seasid...

【New Homes】 Cullinan West III Suddenly Additionally Launches178 Units with the Average Sq Ft Price Is Reduced by 2%.

【New Homes】First-hand projects find ways to attract customers under both declines in prices and transactions in the property market. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Ngan LunLok) Although both property prices and...

【New Homes】 Ready to go! 8235 Units of Many New Projects Will Be Launched This Quarter.

【New Homes】The supply is lean to be increased according to the policy address. Developers continue to launch at market prices. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Ngan LunLok) In order to alleviate social conflicts...

【New Homes】 Vibe Centro in Kai Tak Long Adds Two-Year Transaction Period Plan.

【New Homes】Seaside Sonata will upload brochure within this week; Three existing projects add concessions to sell stock properties faster. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Leong Yuet Kam) First-hand properties i...

【New Homes】 Property Market Is Booming under Low Pricing; 595 Units from New Projects in Three Urban Districts Will Begin to Compete within the Week.

【New Homes】Upper River Bank additionally launches properties by original prices; One.ArtLane adds rebates for selling more. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Leong Yuet Kam) New projects offering low prices make ...

【New Homes】 Only 1 Unit Was Left in the Cullinan West III’s First Round Sale of 352 Units .

【New Homes】Large customers bought properties for over hundreds of millions of HKD; One overseas Chinese customer even bought 12 units. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Leong Yuet Kam) Federal Reserve System cutt...

【New Homes】 Upper River Bank Offers a New High Sq Ft Price in Kai Tak of HKD24,300; The First Price List Includes 138 Units with the Lowest Price for One-Bedroom Unit at HKD7.28 Million.

【New Homes】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Leong Yuet Kam) Competition among new projects arises on the eve of the National Day. Just when occupied project Cullinan West III on top of Nam Cheong Station developed by...

【New Homes】 Cullinan West III receives over 500 applications, an over-subscription of 1.1 times.

【New Homes】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Leong Yuet Kam) SHKP’s Cullinan West III on top of Nam Cheong Station started to collect application yesterday, and market source points out that, over 500 applications wer...
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