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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2020 Jun: Average price per sq feet $11753 3.57%   (last month:$11348)
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【New Homes】 New property launch soon, KOKO HILLS maybe provides price list today

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wenhui News (reporter Liang Yueqin) Hong Kong's national security law was officially implemented, which was conducive to the social atmosphere, and new real estate started again in the s...

【New Homes】 Two New Projects Will Compete in July.

【New Homes】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Liang Yueqin) The legislation of the National Security Law Related to Hong Kong Area is imminent, favorable to the property market, and competition among two new projects w...

【New Homes】 SEA TO SKY's Average Sq Ft Opening Price Is HKD15,823.

【New Homes】The prices are 8% higher than that of the nearby new projects, and the lowest price for a two-bedroom unit is HKD6.43 million. Developers are more aggressive on pricing as the market sentiment has...

【New Homes】 More New LOHAS Park Projects. SEA TO SKY Will Offer Prices Tomorrow and Layouts Include Two-Bedroom to Four-Bedroom. Sample Flat Will Open on Friday.

【New Homes】The most significant new project in the past year and a half including 1,422 units, LOHAS Park SEA TO SKY in Tsueng Kwan, will announce the first price list tomorrow and open the sample flat collect t...

【New Homes】 SEA TO SKY Will Offer Prices in Couple Days. LOHAS Park Residents Will Have Priority to Choose.

【New Homes】LOHAS Park SEA TO SKY developed by Cheung Kong and MTR in Tsueng Kwan is ready for launching. Kwok Chi-Wai, the Investment Director of Cheung Kong, expresses yesterday that the project would announce ...

【New Homes】 US Interest Rate Remains Unchanged; The Sales of the First-Hand Property Follow the Positive Trend.

【New Homes】SEA TO SKY will open the sample flat next week of the soonest. OMA by the Sea plans to cut the discount. The Fed keeps interest rates unchanged and expects not to raise interest rates in the next ...

【New Homes】 SEA TO SKY Uploaded the Brochure; No Feature Unit; Two-bedroom Units have Open Style Kitchen, and Four-Bedroom units have two doors to enter the bathroom.

【New Homes】The total number of units reaches 1,422. LOHAS Park SEA TO SKY developed by Cheung Kong and MTR in Tsueng Kwan uploaded the brochure to the project website yesterday. It is estimated to offer prices n...

【New Homes】 LOHAS Park SEA TO SKY Including Fourteen Thousand Units Will Offer Prices Within This Month.

【New Homes】There are at least 285 units in the first price list. Chiu Kwok-Hung: National Security Law Related to Hong Kong Area is positive on the Property Market. At the end of last month, the National Peop...

【New Homes】 SEA TO SKY, A Vast Project, Will Offer Prices next Week at the Soonest.

【New Homes】The first-hand property sales improve, and developers actively launch projects to make money. LOHAS Park SEA TO SKY in Tsueng Kwan, with the pre-sale period of about 20 months and the total number up ...

【New Homes】 No Fear of Rainstorm. New Project Sold 249 Units in Two Days.

【New Homes】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Journalist Chau HiuChing) The raging thunderstorm on the weekend did not hinder the hot sales in the property market. Two hundred forty-nine first-hand property units were sol...
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