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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Dec: Average price per sq feet $10560 6.97%   (last month:$11351)
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【Trend】 First Time In History; All Three Major Property Price Indexes Have Fallen For Ten Weeks.

【Trend】Centaline: Property trend depends on the sales of GRAND CENTRAL in Kwun Tong. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Yan Lunle Li Zhitian) Property price continued stay in low level, and CCL three overall in...

【Trend】 Kingswood Monthly Down 8.6% To A Level Under HKD 10,000.

【Trend】The average sq ft price among 50 projects declined 2.4%, the lowest in eight months. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Li Zhitian)) The property market trend has slided down as a roller coaster ride for...

【New Homes】 Ultima Sq Ft Price Is HKD 17,300 Cheaper 30% Than in Kai Tak.

【New Homes】First batch includes 205 units; The lowest price is HKD 7.33 million; Supplies first mortgage and secondary mortgage. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Liang Yueqin) Developers look for opportunities ...

【New Homes】 First Hand Sales Declined Sharply by 70% In Last Month.

【New Homes】Buyers wait and see; New HOS potential buyers may become “savior”. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Yan Lunle&Li Zhitian) Property market has adjusted rapidly in recent months. The market was full of wa...

【Trend】 Trade War Pause Warms Up First Hand And Second Hand Market.

【Trend】Grand Central will publish price this week as the soonest. ULTIMA sold three large units in one day. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Liang Yueqin) The temporary cessation of Sino-us trade war is con...

【Trend】 Wang Dunjing From Many Wells Property Insists Property Market False Falling and People Will Regret If Miss This Purchasing Chance.

【Trend】The property market finally declines in recent months after long period of up trend. Housing market experts have fierce debate, and Wang Dunjing, the President of Many Wells Property is a strong perfo...

【Trend】 Property Market Has Fallen For Three Months And May Stay Stable After Lunar Year.

【Trend】Rating and Valuation Department (RVD) announced index declined by 2.36% monthly, the worst in three years. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (By Yan Lunle) Property market declines more sharply. RVD la...

【New Homes】 Tiny Units Appear! TPlus Uploaded Brochure for Their Tiny 128 sq ft Units Yesterday; Source Pointed pricing will be public today!

【New Homes】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin) Not fear the dull market, tiny new project launched sales. Deng chengbo family’s TPlus in Tuen Mun which was hot in the whole city uploaded the brochur...

【New Homes】 Altissimo Sold 18 Units On The First Day Without Big Potential Buyer’s Presence.

【New Homes】Featured unit transaction sq ft price is HKD19,000, lower 24% than that in the same area. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin) Altissimo in Ma On Shan developed by Country Garden, Wang O...

【Trend】 Property Market Ten Questions

【Trend】In recent months, the decline of Hong Kong property has slowed down. Bidding of king land in the peak was failed. Folk and the official property price indexes both recorded in falling, and the real es...
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