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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2020 Jun: Average price per sq feet $11753 3.57%   (last month:$11348)
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【New Homes】 New property launch soon, KOKO HILLS maybe provides price list today

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wenhui News (reporter Liang Yueqin) Hong Kong's national security law was officially implemented, which was conducive to the social atmosphere, and new real estate started again in the s...

【New Homes】 Two New Projects Will Compete in July.

【New Homes】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Liang Yueqin) The legislation of the National Security Law Related to Hong Kong Area is imminent, favorable to the property market, and competition among two new projects w...

【Trend】 New Projects Grabs Purchasing Power. Transactions in Ten Leading Housing Estates Fall.

【Trend】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Journalist Ngan Lun-Lok) The accumulated purchasing power re-enter the market as the COVID-19 epidemic in Hong Kong has eased, and the low-interest-rate environment continues...

【Land news】 The Land Supply Was Lag behind, only 33% of the Full-Year Target Had Been Achieved in the First Half of the Fiscal Year. The Property Market Problems Are Difficult to Solve.

【Land news】The supply and demand for private homes in Hong Kong are seriously out of balance. Only two residential official lands in Sai Kung and Tai Po Kau were launched in the second fiscal quarter (July-Septe...

【Mortgage】 HSBC Increases HIBOR to Cut Rebate in Disguised Form, with an increase of 0.2% in Two Months. The Extra Monthly Installment Payment for Loan Amount of HKD4 Million Is HKD396.

【Mortgage】In earlier, some banks tightened the mortgage approvals for commission income people. Recently, HSBC increases HIBOR to cut a rebate in disguised form. It is reported that the interest rate of small l...

【HK Gov.policy】 The First-Hand Property Vacancy Tax Deliberation Suspends after Two Years Preparation.

【HK Gov.policy】The first-hand property vacancy tax, proposed two years ago by the Government to avoid the developers hoarding the first-hand residential units, is finally suspended by the Legislative Council. The Go...

【Commercial】 The Vacancy Rate of Central Class A Commercial Building Is 5%, a New High after the Financial Tsunami. 7.4% of Hong Kong Offices Are Vacant. Rents Are Down by 2.2% monthly.

【Commercial】The COVID-19 epidemic has impacted the business environment in Hong Kong, and many companies have been forced to reduce office space to save money. Jones Lang LaSalle announced "Hong Kong Real Estate ...

【Land news】 Five Land Sites Are Expected to be Launched next Quarter. The Valuation Has Fallen by HKD44.7 Billion in Four Months

【Land news】The economic and business environment has been hit hard by violent demonstrations and the epidemic. The government is about to announce the land sales plan for next quarter. The market expects fiv...

【Trend】 CCL Reaches to A Half-Year High as the Epidemic Has Eased.

【Trend】CCL has increased by 2.73% since 1st May. Centaline estimates it would go up and down in the future. Property prices in Hong Kong have gone out of the COVID-19 epidemic haze at the beginning of th...

【New Homes】 SEA TO SKY's Average Sq Ft Opening Price Is HKD15,823.

【New Homes】The prices are 8% higher than that of the nearby new projects, and the lowest price for a two-bedroom unit is HKD6.43 million. Developers are more aggressive on pricing as the market sentiment has...
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