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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2020 Nov: Average price per sq feet $11873 2.93%   (last month:$11535)
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Bo Aozhuang received more than 22,700 votes 57 times the excess


Under the epidemic situation, the new real estate has reappeared crazy, and the ticket collection reaction has been very hot in the past few days. The new world partner MTR cooperation Tai Wai Station Pak O Chuang I closed the ticket at 3 pm yesterday. According to the news, more than 22,700 votes have been collected this Saturday and Sunday. The first round of sales for 391 partners was over-registered by more than 57 times. This is the first round of cooperation between Chinachem Group and MTR Tsuen Wan in August 2017. After receiving 22,893 votes in the first round of City Transfer, the most exciting new development in the past three years, and the second highest number of new projects since 1997. ■Hong Kong Wen Wei Po reporter Liang Yueqin

Since the lot will be drawn today to arrange the order of building selection, the first round of sales will start on Saturday and Sunday. The developer said that the building will be located in the showroom and show unit of Discovery Park in Tsuen Wan from today to Sunday (October 18 Sunday) closed for public viewing.

Show position will be temporarily closed from now on

The first round of 391 units of the building will be sold on two days this Saturday and Sunday. This Saturday, we will first arrange the A1 and A2 groups of large-scale buyers (3 to 4 units) and those who purchase three rooms. On Sunday, we will arrange to buy 1 To the second group of group B guest house. The first-round sale of units includes 101 one-bedroom units, 131 two-bedroom units, and 159 three-bedroom units. The saleable area of the units is 322 to 835 square feet. You can get a discount of up to 20% if you use 180-day supply, the discounted price is 6.289 million to 20.338 million .

Tai Wai Pavilia Village I received a frantic response to the ticket collection, and other new developments also rushed out to "food and shelter". Tuen Mun Castle Peak Bay Imperial Group, a collaboration between Hong Kong Ferry and Empire Group. Since the launch of Golden Bay in July, sales have been satisfactory, and the second phase was named Emperor Imperial. Xing Tao, Lin Damin, general manager of the sales (1) department of Henderson Property Agency in charge of sales, said that Emperor Yu. Xing Tao has obtained the pre-sale consent letter. It is expected that the sales brochure will be uploaded early next week. The price list will be announced and the demonstration units will be opened as soon as next week. There is a chance to start selling this month.

Emperor. Xingtao will open the price soonest next week

Lin Damin pointed out that Emperor Yu. Xingtao is composed of Towers 1 and 2, providing 614 units with a saleable area of 186 to 1,374 square feet, covering open-plan to four-bedroom units, and featuring special units. It also refers to the three-bedroom with storage room and four-bedroom units in this phase. It is a secret weapon, accounting for about 2% of the total number of units. In addition, the current location is also closer to the sea, with better views, higher positioning, and room for price increases. He believes that the property is a different product from a new property that has been enthusiastically received by friendly developers, and is in a different location. Therefore, he is not worried that it will affect sales.

He is also known as the Emperor. Jinwan has sold 585 units, and now there are only 26 units for sale. The average transaction price per square foot is about 14,800 yuan, the highest transaction price is about 30 million yuan, the highest real price per square foot is 23,678 yuan, and the cash is 2.842 billion yuan.

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