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Boyaozhuang received 15,000 votes to be the king


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin) The battle for new real estate has spread to Hong Kong Island, just as the New World partnered with MTR to cooperate with the Tai Wai Station Pavilia Zhuang I in recent days. The response to the votes has been enthusiastic. According to the news, it has accumulated 5 days as of 5 pm yesterday. A total of more than 15,000 votes were collected and it became the king of new real estate ticket collectors in the past three years. The EIGHT KWAI FONG HAPPY VALLEY held by Far China Group announced its first price list for 50 units yesterday, with an average price of 33,116 HKD per square foot, deducting the highest discount. 6%, the discounted average price per square foot is 31,129 yuan, which is about 6% lower than the price per square foot of the new real estate in the same district, and the open-end admission price of 259 square feet is 8.438 million yuan.

The first price list of EIGHT KWAI FONG HAPPY VALLEY includes 6 open-plan units and 44 units of one-bedroom units, with a saleable area of 258 to 428 square feet, which is a discount of 8.438 million to 16.12 million yuan. Huang Jinzheng, general manager of the Hong Kong Asset Management Department of Far China Group, described that the first price list is a personal price, which has been priced in consideration of the epidemic and market conditions. The management fee per square foot is 5.5 yuan. The first 50 buyers will receive a 6-month concierge at the Bulter Asia Hotel Service, the building began to open demonstration units and ticket collection today, there is a chance to go on sale within this month.

In addition to the 120-day payment method (6% off the selling price) and 360-day payment method (3% off the selling price), the real estate also provides a "1440 GO" payment plan (based on the price), and the transaction is completed The period is up to 4 years. It is only available to individual buyers, who can move in with a down payment of 18%, and can be authorized to rent out the unit, making investment arrangements for tenants more flexible. At the same time, 5% of the permit fee and the annual payment to the seller equal to 3% of the property price as the occupancy fee will be part of the mantissa of the property price, if the buyer completes the transaction early, Can get 1% to 5% rebate on the balance of the property price. Take, for example, an open-plan apartment with a usable area of 259 sq. ft. in Room D on the second floor. You only need to pay 1.6158 million HKD for the first year to move in.

The rental return of China Raw Materials reaches 3%

Chen Yongjie, vice chairman and president of the residential department of Centaline Property Asia Pacific, said that the price and payment plan of EIGHT KWAI FONG HAPPY VALLEY are "invincible". The open-plan units are all under 10 million yuan. Refer to the relatively newer properties in the area. Luang and Ji Yunfeng’s prices are about 6% lower per square foot. However, there is no supply of detailed units for these buildings. In addition, due to the epidemic, the developers have launched the "1440 GO" live-and-pay payment plan, which provides a long transaction period to allow buyers enough time to prepare In the first phase, the buyer also has the right to rent the unit immediately after the purchase, so that the buyer can get on the car and collect the rent at a low first phase. It is expected that the rent of the project can reach 80 to 100 HKD per square foot and the rental return can reach 3%.

Yuanzhong Group purchased the Happy Valley serviced residence EIGHT KWAI FONG from New World at a cost of 1.212 billion HKD at the beginning of this year. Huang Jinzheng said that the project is now undergoing renovation. Earlier, Yuanzhong Group planned to reserve half of the units for rent collection. Huang Jinzheng said that it would not let it out until the renovation project was completed. The building is located at No. 8 Guifang Street. There are 139 units, including open-plan and one-bedroom units, with a useful area of 258 to 428 square feet. It also has a clubhouse Club Eight, including a 24-hour fitness room, a banquet hall and a reading room.

Eagle Landor sells 55 units on Saturday

In addition, the Great Eagle Group's Pak Shek Kok Landor, Tai Po, will sell 55 units this Saturday, which means that it is in a rivalry with the Pavilia Village I in Tai Wai Station.

New high-end properties have repeatedly seen new high prices. ST. GEORGE S MANSIONS, Kadoorie Road, Homantin, co-developed by Sino Land and China Power, sold Unit A on the 23rd floor of Tower 1, in the form of tender yesterday. It is a characteristic apartment with roof top floor and the transaction price. Reached 238 million yuan; the unit has a saleable area of 3,330 square feet, with a roof of 2,933 square feet (including three parking spaces), and a price of 71,471 HKD per square foot. The relevant transaction price and price per square foot set a new record for this year's first-hand multi-level luxury house in Kowloon. The unit is a four-bedroom, four-set partition, with views of Kadoorie Mountain and the bungalows. Tian Zhaoyuan, the co-director of Sino Land Group, said that the project is highly sought after by wealthy families and entrepreneurs. This time the buyer loves the rare location of Kadoorie Mountain and is optimistic about the success of luxury properties.

133 PORTOFINO, a luxury house on the opposite side of the sea in Saigon, also sold a characteristic unit yesterday. The unit is Unit A on the 5th floor of Block 1, with a saleable area of 1,239 square feet, including a 969 square foot rooftop characteristic unit, four bedrooms and double suites with multi-purpose rooms (with toilets) ) The transaction price was 39.687 million HKD and the price per square foot was 32,031 yuan, which is expected to hit a new high for a flat in Saigon.

Happy Valley EIGHT KWAI FONG HAPPY VALLEY first price list information

Number of units: 50 units

Usable area: 258 to 428 square feet

Price: 8.97 million to 17.156 million

Average price per square foot: 33,116 yuan

Maximum discount: 6%

Discounted price: 8.438 million to 16.12 million yuan

Discounted average price per square foot: RMB 31,129

Watchmaking: Hong Kong Wen Wei Po reporter Liang Yueqin

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.