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Epidemic eases, two new disks shake on Saturday


The new crown pneumonia epidemic is gradually easing, and groups of properties are dancing. Phase 3 of Wetland Seasons Park in Tin Shui Wai and Yilifang 2 of the Xiying real estate will be launched this Saturday for the first batch of 133 units and 80 units. LOHAS Park SEA TO SKY has joined the rush, and yesterday, 50 units of two-bedroom units will be offered. The price is 2%, and the down payment before the occupation is reduced from 10% to 8% to facilitate buyers to enter the market. A new batch of 285 units is planned to be sold next week, and tickets will be collected starting this Saturday. ■Hong Kong Wen Wei Po reporter Liang Yueqin

Wetland Phase 3 adds 52 units

SHKP's Wetland Seasons Park Phase 3 added 52 units yesterday, with a saleable area of 300 to 816 square feet. The discounted average price per square foot is RMB 13,890, which is about 7% higher than the first price list of RMB 12,968 per square foot. Special households The discounted price per square foot is as high as RMB 17,589, and the discounted price is RMB 4.23 million to RMB 11.813 million.

SHKP Acting General Manager Hu Zhiyuan said that the additional units include 8 special units, so it is an increase from the original price. The first batch of 133 units will be put on sale this Saturday. Tickets will be cut off tomorrow. Lots will be drawn this Friday to arrange the order of building selection.

The first round of sales of the building will be divided into two groups of time periods A and B. Group A can only buy 1 unit, mainly from 4 units of characteristic households or units with the best views, while Group B can buy up to 4 units. The 133 units sold on Saturday were discounted from 4.133 million to 11.814 million yuan. The market value of this batch of units exceeded 1 billion HKD based on the fixed price.

Yilifang • No. 2 overbought more than 4 times

On the other side, Yilifang, a Xiying property under Henderson Land Development. On the 2nd, the first batch of 80 units will be sold on this Saturday, and the ticket will be cut off at 3 pm this Friday. Sale units include 72 unitsOne-bedroom and 8 open-plan units with an area of 214 to 287 square feet, after deducting up to a 4% discount, the discounted price is RMB 5,628,400 to RMB 8,930,800, and the discounted price is RMB 25,749 to RMB 31,118 per square foot. The building had received about 400 votes as of 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon, about 4 times the over-registration.

SEA TO SKY Two-bedroom household increase

In addition, Cheung Kong and MTR cooperated with SEA TO SKY in Tseung Kwan O Lohas Park to revise the price list and introduced the "easy replacement" payment method. During the construction period, the amount of down payment for buyers before entering the apartment was reduced from 10% to 8%.

Guo Ziwei, Investment Director of Cheung Kong Real Estate, said that the real estate also increased the price of 50 two-bedroom units by about 2% yesterday. According to the latest construction period payment method, the discounted entry price was 7.038 million yuan, and the first payment was about 560,000 HKD to get on the car.

He pointed out that the real estate plans to launch a new batch of 285 units next week, including two-bedroom households that have increased prices and three- and four-bedroom households whose bids have not been sold. Tickets will be collected starting this Saturday. He said that in the future, three-bedroom and four-bedroom households will also have room for price increases, which are expected to be within 5%. He believes that there will be opportunities for customs clearance after the new crown epidemic stabilizes. Mainland customers will continue to enter the market, so there is room for price increases.

Changsha Bay Haibo Chuan opens tomorrow

According to other sources, Tegent Real Estate and the URA will jointly develop Haipo on Haitan Street, Changsha Bay, to offer prices tomorrow. The building is a stand-alone design and provides 76 units, ranging from open-plan to two-bedroom units.

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