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Wetland Phase 3 receives more than 2100 tickets, the fastest weekend sale


The epidemic has eased, and groups of real estate projects are rushing to launch. After adding 45 units in Phase 3 of Wetland Seasons Park in Tin Shui Wai the day before, SHKP plans to launch additional units within the day and will be available for sale as soon as this weekend; Henderson Land's Xiying real estate Yilifang • No. 2 added 33 units yesterday to the original price. The average price per square foot is 28,191 yuan, and it will also go on sale this weekend. Longfor and KWG Taifu's cooperative development of Kai Tak Shang. Jumin also added 67 units and sold 175 units this Thursday. ■Hong Kong Wen Wei Po reporter Liang Yueqin

According to the news, the third phase of Wetland Seasons Park on the Wetland Park Road in Tin Shui Wai received more than 2,100 votes and the response was satisfactory. SHKP Acting General Manager Hu Zhiyuan said that the recent addition of 45 units had a slight increase of several percentage points. However, because it included the first 9 units of special households, it was actually an increase at the original price. The project has already launched 110 units so far, and there is a chance that another unit will be launched in the future. Additional units will be launched as soon as possible this weekend. In conjunction with the sale of Phase 3 of Wetland Seasons Park, SHKP Club Managing Director Xie Wenjuan stated that SHKP Club members who subscribe to the designated price list of Wetland Seasons Park Phase 3 will receive a 1% discount and get 100 purchases in the Smartone Home online store. Yuan shopping gift certificate. Smartone has launched 5G broadband discounts for SHKP member buyers.

Yilifang • No. 2 with 33 additional units at original price

On the other side, Yilifang, a Xiying property under Henderson Land Development. On the 2nd, 33 units were added yesterday, with a discounted average price of 28,191 HKD per square foot. Han Jiahui, general manager of the business (2) department of Henderson Property Agency, said that Yilifang. No. 2 was sought after by the market, reflecting the strong market demand for small and medium-sized units. The sales arrangement for the project will be announced within the day and will be available for sale as soon as this weekend. HanjiaHui pointed out that the newly-launched unit for the real estate yesterday was an increase of the original price, with a saleable area of 244 to 287 square feet, all belonging to one-bedroom households. The price list is priced at 6.943 million to 8.789 million, deducting the maximum 4% discount, and the discounted price is between From RMB 6,665,280 to RMB 8,437,44, the discounted price per square foot is RMB 26,241 to RMB 29,399.

Yet. 175 units on sale on Thursday

In addition, Longfor and KWG Taifu co-developed Qi De Shang. The day before yesterday, Yuming added 67 units, with units ranging from 543 to 844 sq. ft., with a price list of approximately 16.27 million to approximately 33.59 million yuan, with a maximum discount of 18%. The developer continued to provide medical staff with an additional 1% discount. The developer has arranged for the sale of 175 units this Thursday, of which 123 units will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis, and the other 52 units will be sold through tenders, including 6 large units with low-rises that are first debut, distributed in low-rise buildings. Block D is from the ground floor to the 3rd floor, with a practical area of 1,617 to 1,929 square feet, 4 of which have a terrace or garden.

SHKP and New World’s cooperation in the western mid-levels of Babington Hill revised its price list yesterday, increasing the price of Room D on the first floor by 1%, with a saleable area of 528 square feet and a 365-square-foot platform. It is a two-bedroom special apartment. The price list is set from 2,257.6 RMB 10,000 increased to RMB 22.802 million, maintaining a maximum discount of 12.5%. The discounted price was RMB 19,951,700 and the discounted price per square foot was RMB 34,300. The developer has arranged for the sale of 4 units this Friday, including Room D on the first floor that has been increased.

Babington Hill two-bedroom increase in price 34,300 per square foot

In terms of new real estate transactions, K. Wah International’s Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po, sold a duplex apartment on the 20th and 21st floors of Block 7 B for 39 million HKD through a tender, with a parking space, a unit with a saleable area of 1,508 square feet and a roof area of 549. Square feet, 203 square feet of platform area, price 25,862 HKD per square foot.

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