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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2020 Oct: Average price per sq feet $11600 0.03%   (last month:$11597)
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Yau Tong Blue East Coast will be launched at the end of next month, with the smallest area of 230 square feet. Pricing refers to Kai Tak Building in the same district


As the epidemic eased, new real estate rushed to deploy an attack. Minmetals Land’s first residential project in Hong Kong, No. 18 Chongxin Street, Yau Tong, has been named Azure East Coast. Fang Jun, Director of Marketing and Marketing of Minmetals Land, said that the project is pending approval of the pre-sale consent letter and is expected to be available as soon as the end of next month. The sale will be launched in early November. The selling price will refer to the prices of properties in the same district and Kai Tak. The demonstration unit of the project is located in Kwun Tong. ■Hong Kong Wen Wei Po reporter Liang Yueqin

Fang Jun pointed out that the Azure East Coast is composed of 4 residential buildings, providing 688 units. Every household enjoys sea views. The usable area ranges from 230 to 2,000 square feet. It has open-plan to four-bedroom households, mainly two-bedroom and three-bedroom households. The key date of the project is March 31, 2023 for characteristic households on rooftops and massage pools. Looking forward to the prospects of the property market in the future, Fang Jun said that the supply of buildings in Hong Kong is small and the low interest rate environment continues in the next six months to one year. Consumers would rather "use assets than cash". The property market is expected to develop steadily and healthily.

Luo Yaorong, Chief Operating Officer of Minmetals Land’s Hong Kong headquarters, said that Azure East Coast is the group’s first residential project in Hong Kong. The group is also looking for other development opportunities, such as bidding for official land and private market acquisitions. It is expected that future projects in Hong Kong will be similar to Azure East Coast. The development scale is about 500,000 square feet.

Art Lane. Strive for sales within the month on the 2nd

On the other side, Han Jiahui, general manager of the business (2) department of Henderson Property Agency, said that the group's Xiying real estate Yilifang. No. 2 has a delivery standard and a modified and renovated demonstration unit. It is now nearing completion. It will be open to the public as soon as this week and is expected to be launched as soon as this month.

He also said that Club Glamp, Glamping (luxury camping), a special theme club for the project, is a trendy new gadget of the younger generation, which also reflects Yilifang. Club 2 specialcolor. Club Glamp, the project clubhouse, is based on the theme of "Tide Camping Glamping" and adopts a green design concept. The clubhouse covers an area of 3,953 square feet and the green garden is 1,469 square feet, totaling 5,422 square feet. It provides 16 diversified facilities, including Arty Party and GoGoalGym , V Run, i-brary, i-Nest and Arty Tree Top etc.

Among them, Glamping Fun is built in a fashionable style to the trendy camp, allowing residents to play Glamping at any time, and check in in any weather, providing the most trendy "Glamping" experience. The project also collects comprehensive camping supplies from DECATHLON, a large French sporting goods store chain, and provides rental services for residents.

As for ArtLike Studio, there are professional photography equipment, so that residents can take pictures at any time, "er like", to cater to the trend of the younger generation who like to take pictures and check in and yearn to be KOLs. The project also has a green garden, including a vertical green wall, and an upgraded leisure zone equipped with USB.

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