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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2020 Oct: Average price per sq feet $11600 0.03%   (last month:$11597)
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SHKP WSP is 14% more expensive for four months as the epidemic slows down. Phase 3 discounted at 12,900,316 square feet, 4.13 million admission


The local new crown pneumonia epidemic has eased, and the government has gradually relaxed the gathering restrictions. Developers have accelerated the pace of launching real estate, and the prices have been quite aggressive. The uncompleted sale period is about 15 months. After the pre-sale of Phase 3 of Wetland Seasons Park under the Tin Shui Wai Wetland Park under SHKP was approved last week, the first price list for 65 units was announced yesterday. Compared with the discounted average price of RMB 11,368 per square foot for the first phase of the project in May, it is about 14% more expensive, and the admission price of a 316 square foot one room is RMB 4.133 million. The building will open a demonstration unit tomorrow, and ticket collection will begin on Friday. ■Hong Kong Wen Wei Po reporter Liang Yueqin

Lei Ting, deputy managing director of SHKP, described that the first price list of Wetland Seasons Park Phase 3 has a slight increase compared to the second phase. The reason is that the landscape is more open. I believe that the price is reasonable and I have confidence in sales.

Up to 18% discount on the first price list for 65 units

He pointed out that in the past few months, the local area has been affected by the epidemic, and the second-hand market has been slightly under pressure. However, as the epidemic has eased and controlled, public activities have gradually resumed. At the same time, demand for homes is strong, mortgage interest rates have been low for a long time, and the government has also relaxed the upper limit of the mortgage insurance plan. The group believes that it can attract renters to buy homes. Although the local property market this year is slightly lower than last year, the property price at the end of the year is compared with the beginning of the year. Moderate increases will be recorded.

The current phase of the project consists of 4 10-storey residential buildings, namely the 1, 7, 8 and 9 buildings, providing 318 units with an area of 291 to 816 square feet, with one to three bedrooms separated. SHKP Acting General Manager Hu Zhiyuan pointed out that the first price list involved 65 units, with an area ranging from 316 to 726 square feet, covering one to three bedrooms, distributed in each block. The market value of the entire batch of units is about 500 million HKD based on pricing, maintaining the highest discount18%, the discounted price is 4.133 million to 9.335 million yuan, and the discounted average price per square foot is 12,968 yuan.

Developers continue to use the 4 payment methods of Phase 2, including cash payment plan, flexible payment plan, first-home Smart payment plan and Upgrade Smart payment plan. Among them, the cash payment plan can enjoy a discount of up to 18%, and the remaining three are payment methods for construction periods.

Hu Zhiyuan emphasized that although the epidemic has eased, the group will not relax its arrangements for epidemic prevention measures for visiting demonstration units. If arrangements are provided for disinfection and air filtration, health declarations will be simplified to scanning QR codes.

Price discount second-hand agent material "One Q Clear"

Chen Yongjie, vice chairman and president of the residential division of Centaline Property Asia Pacific, said that the third phase of the project is competitively priced. The relatively new private buildings in the same district, Parkview Villa and Royal Palace, are more than ten years old and the average price per square foot is about 11,990 yuan. As for the Kingswood Villas, which is nearly 30 years old, the current price per square foot is about 10,223 yuan, so the asking price is close to second-hand. Moreover, the first-hand car real estate with more than 4 million HKD admission is unique in Hong Kong. The developer also provides high-volume mortgages. I believe that this period can continue the boom of Phases 1 and 2, and the first batch of units can be "one-Q cleared." If the price increase per unit price increase is moderate, I believe the market can bear it.

Bu Shaoming, chief executive of the residential department of Midland Realty, also said that the entrance fee of the project is discounted to about 4 million yuan, which is close to the market price. Compared with the current second-hand housing estates in the area, including Kingswood Villas, Parkview Villas and Wisdom Plaza, the entrance fee About 5 million to more than 6 million yuan, this time the first batch of units is likely to absorb a lot of accumulated purchasing power, and then the project will have room for price increases. He also predicted that after the project is completed, the rent per square foot can reach about 33 yuan, with a return rate of over 3%.

Wetland Seasons Park Phase 3 First Price List Information

Unit: 65 units

Area: 316-726 square feet

Average price per square foot: RMB 23,342

Price: 5.0403 million-11.3842 million

Maximum discount: 18%

Discounted average price per square foot: RMB 12,968

Discounted price: 4.133 million-9.335 million HKD

Watchmaking: reporter Liang Yueqin

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.