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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Sep: Average price per sq feet $10783 11.87%   (last month:$12235)
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New projects competition in Tuen Mun will start within this month of the soonest.

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Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Yan Lunle)

Tuen Mun District becomes the next focus of the first hand property market. SHKP and Wing Tai announced their latest deployments of new projects in Tuen Mun yesterday, and they may have chance to compete in this month. Among them, SHKP’s Mount Regency II in Tuen Mun is expected to upload brochure in short term and the sales will start within the month. As for Wing Tai’s OMA OMA in So Kwun Wat, Tuen Mun, although the pre-sale consent is still not approved, the developer arranges to launch the first price list within this month of the fastest.

Mount Regency II will upload the brochure in the short term.

SHKP’s Mount Regency II in Tuen Mun will be launched soon. The business department acting general manager of the company, Zhang Zhuoxiumin expresses the project will upload the brochure in the near future and start the sale within this month. It is known, the project provides 495 houses of standard layout from open style to three-bedroom in areas of 250-591 sq ft, with two-bedroom or less accounted for nearly 90%, and a small number of feature houses, besides the sale prices will refer to that of phase I. She expresses the first phase of the project has sold more than 90% of the houses, with an average sq ft price of HKD16,500.

Two projects in Tuen Mun may be sold at the same time in the short term, and there is war of words before the formal confrontation. When was asked that OMA OMA in the same district was also ready to sell, Zhang Zhuoxiumin responded that, The two cannot be directly compared since Mount Regency is located in the urban area while OMA OMA in So Kwun Wat is located in suburbs.

Two-bedroom and three-bedroom houses of OMA OMA account for 75%.

At the same time, Wing Tai Real Estate's OMA OMA, located at No. 108, So Kwun Wat, Tuen Mun, also announced its latest deployment. The executive director and sales and marketing director of Wing Tai Real Estate, Zhong Zhilin expresses, the project is pending approval of the pre-sale documents and it is expected that the price list and the sale will be announced this month as soon as possible. And the project is on the theme of nature, targeting to young people of millennial.

The project provides 466 houses, ranging from open style to four-bedroom in areas of about 250-1,600 sq ft, with two-bedroom houses as the mainstay accounting for more than 50%; and houses of two-bedroom plus with three-bedroom account for about 75%. The project will refer to the sq ft prices of the nearby area. The Carmel, which was launched by the group in January, is expected to launch the stock houses as ready in the next quarter. Looking ahead to the market, Zhong Zhilin expresses there will still be demand from users, and the interest rate which may fall is expected to have a positive impact on the asset market.

Villas in Mount Regalia are being sold by tenders in succession.

On the other side, Mount Regalia in Kau To, Sha Tin developed by Paliburg and Regal Hotels, has sold 7 houses since being launched in April, with an average sq ft price at HKD36,000. The executive director and chief operating officer of Paliburg, Fan Tong expresses the project will launch villas by tenders in succession, with prices referring to that of other properties in same district. The project opened the No. 3 house for visits yesterday, and it is four-bedroom and four suites in area of 2,759 sq ft, with the decoration fee at about HKD11 million, besides it will be for customers to visit.

The project had sold the top floor feature house Sky Pool Penthouses on the 11th floor of block 3 at HKD112 million in early, with the sq ft price at HKD42,009, a new high sq ft price among tiered houses in New Territories.
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