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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2020 Aug: Average price per sq feet $11741 1.02%   (last month:$11862)
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Shap Pat Heung ATRIUM HOUSE may launch all 313 houses at once within two weeks of the soonest, and one-bedroom houses accounts for 46%.

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Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Liang Yueqin)

Many new projects compete to launch houses in June. Following the sales arrangement of Fullsun’s La Salle Residence in Ho Man Tin within this month, New World announced to named the residential project in Shap Pat Heung as ATRIUM HOUSE yesterday. The development business and marketing director of New World, Huang Haoxian expresses, they have confidence of ATRIUM HOUSE being approved to be pre-sale in two weeks, after then it will be put on sale within this month, he predicts the prices will be competitive, and it is not excluded that all 313 houses will be launched at once on the first day depending on the application.

Huang Haoxian points out that, ATRIUM HOUSE supplies 313 houses of open style to three-bedroom flats in areas from 230 sq ft to 577 sq ft. This project includes mainly one-bedroom flats, accounting for 46% , with areas from 290 sq ft to 325 sq ft; The areas for open style are 230-239 sq ft, for two-bedroom are 391-437 sq ft, and for three-bedroom are 577 sq ft, also there is one top floor feature house including rooftop. The project has 18 parking spaces and the key date is March 31, 2021.

In the second half of the year, they will mainly put on sale the stock houses in MOUNT PAVILIA and Fleur Pavilia.

He says, the group has sold about 620 residential houses taking in nearly HKD6.5 billion since this year, and has sold 717 houses taking in nearly HKD9.2 billion since last July 1, also it is estimated the group will have sold nearly 1,000 residential houses in the end of this month after counting the sales of ATRIUM HOUSE. In the second half of this year, the company will sell a total of about 150 stock houses from MOUNT PAVILIA in Sai Kung and Fleur Pavilia in North Point. The Tai Wai Station on top project is expected to be launched in the first quarter of next year, which will be developed in two phases, supplying about 2,000 houses.

Looking ahead to the prospects of the property market, he believes the property market can develop steadily, because there have been a lot of first hand property transactions in the past few weeks, with some among were transactions up to tens of millions HKD. Particularly the small and medium-sized residential houses in Yuen Long will still be popular and in good sales being drove by the demand from users, so they have confidence in the sales of ATRIUM HOUSE, the most buyers of which are predicted to be young users, also there will be many investors.
In addition, Henderson Land’s One.ArtLane in Sai Ying Pun and The Consonance in North Point additional launched totally 46 houses at original prices, and these two are both first time to launch the platform feature houses, then on this Saturday totally 22 houses will be put on sale.

One.ArtLane additional launched 24 houses including open style, one-bedroom and 5 of platform feature houses at prices from HKD7.075 million to HKD12.875 million, and the discounted prices are from over HKD6.86 million to over HKD12.48 million after the highest discount of 3%, with the discounted sq ft prices at HKD28,710-34,359, also 10 among will be put on sale this Saturday.

Henderson additional launched 46 houses from two projects at original prices.

The Consonance in North Point additional launched 22 houses including open style, one-bedroom and 6 of platform feature houses at prices from HKD5.762 million to HKD9.233 million, and the discounted prices are from over HKD5.41 million to over HKD8.67 million after the highest discount of 6%, with the discounted sq ft prices at HKD25,414-31,438, also 12 among will be put on sale this Saturday.

8 Deep Water Bay Drive sold 1 house at HKD245 million.

The transactions of luxury first hand property continued to rise. 8 Deep Water Bay Drive in Southern District of Hong Kong Island developed by Nan Fung and Vervain Resources sold the room B on the 8th floor in block 1 of 3,641 sq ft at HKD245 million, with the sq ft price at HKD67,200.

K.Wah’s K.CITY in Kai Tak sold room B on the 37-38th floors of block 1 including one parking space at HKD76.755 million yesterday, with the sq ft price at HKD35,000, and it is a four-bedroom double suits compound apartment in 2,193 sq ft with platform of 632 sq ft, besides the buyer chose 180-day payment method. This project had sold 3 feature houses in the past two days, totally taking in over HKD213 million.

K.CITY’s house after forfeiture of deposit is resold by mark up of 27%

Yesterday, K.Wah also launched the room E on the 35th floor of block 8 in K.Wah after forfeiture of deposit in early by largely mark up of 27%, and it will be re-sold on this Saturday. The price of the house in area of 348 sq ft was increased from HKD9.1345 million to HKD11.616 million, with the sq ft price rose from HKD26,247 to HKD33,379, and the discount price is HKD11.4998 million after the highest discount of 1%, with the discounted sq ft price at HKD33,046.

Solaria in Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po of the same series will put on sale 15 houses on this Friday during the Dragon Boat Festival by first-come first-served.
Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.