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129 Sq Ft of Tiny Flat Becomes The Smallest New House In Downtown.

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The first new project in pig year "AVA228" will announce prices this week at the soonest.

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Liang Yueqin)

There is tiny project to be the first being launched in the beginning of pig year. Investor Mr. Wah Lo’s AVA 228 in No. 228, Tai Nan St, Cheung Sha Wan suddenly uploaded the brochure yesterday, trying best to be the first new project in the pig year. The smallest unit in this project is only in usable area of 129 sq ft, which is in layout of open style and only 1 sq ft larger than the smallest unit in "Dragon Bed” project T Plus in 128 sq ft, being the most tiny new flat in downtown. This project will announce prices this week at the soonest, the Chief Executive Officer of Residential Department of Midland, Bu Shaoming expressed yesterday. However, it is not easy to put on sale tiny houses currently since the property market trend is uncertain.

This project provide 160 units of open style and one room mini houses, with 8 units on each floor in usable areas from 129 sq ft to 249 sq ft, in other words, all units are less than 250 sq ft in usable area, and 70% are open style, according to brochure of AVA 228.

This project includes 144 standard units in usable areas from 151 sq ft to 249 sq ft and 16 feature units in usable areas from 129 sq ft to 249 sq ft. Room D and room E among on the 2nd floor are only 129 sq ft in layout of open style, which are long-shaped connecting the porch to bathroom, and the area for sitting and dining-room is only about 60 sq ft, besides it is feature unit joining with platform in 28 sq ft.

The pre-sale period is up to 35 months.

The smallest unit of the project is 129 sq ft, breaking the record of AVA 61 in 150 sq ft of same series in the same district, becoming the smallest new house in urban area, which is only 1 sq ft larger than the smallest unit from Tuen Mun "Dragon Bed” project T Plus in 128 sq ft(the finest in Hong Kong), and it also is the second tiny new flat unit in Hong Kong. In addition, one room unit H on 2nd floor of AVA 228 in usable area only 211 sq ft, has a platform in 520 sq ft, which is 1.46 times larger than the unit area.

The most tiny unit of AVA 228 is one hundred sq ft and more, which is believed to be welcomed by the first housing people and investors, the developer once pointed. The project is a long-term presale project up to 35 months, which predicted to be finished in December 2021.

The AVA series is getting smaller and smaller.

Senior investor Mr. Wah Lo and his family have developed residential projects by acquisition of old buildings in recent years, and have launched a series of "AVA" projects with the main are mini houses, including West AVA 128, Jordan AVA 62, Ma Tau Kok AVA 55, Cheung Sha Wan AVA 61 and AVA 228, which are getting smaller and smaller also repeatedly broke the record of the smallest unit.

For example, the 88 units provided by Jordan AVA 62 are all less than 253 sq ft, with the most tiny unit in only 151 sq ft; The Ma Tau Kok AVA 55 provides a total of 88 units of open style, one room and two rooms layout, ranging from 166 sq ft to 328 sq ft; Western AVA 128 provides 63 units, ranging from 177 sq ft to 296 sq ft, of which the 177 sq ft unit once was the smallest new house in Sai Ying Pun and Sheung Wan District.

The AVA 61 in Cheung Sha Wan launched in 2017, offers 138 units, has the smallest unit in only 150 sq ft, which was the most tiny among new houses in Kowloon. The unit area of Cheung Sha Wan AVA 228 being sold this time has been further reduced to 129 sq ft, making it the smallest new house in the urban area.
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