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Scorpio price broke 41,000 expensive Kowloon East


Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Liang Yueqin) Kai Tak's birth to the king of the land, driving the new real estate prices in the region repeatedly broken, Kai Tak Tin, a four-bedroom home price exceeded 41,000 yuan, expensive Kowloon East residential price.

Kai Tak Tin, a property of Jianye Real Estate, sold a room on the 37th floor of Block 1 of Tianhaihui for $48.79 million through tendering. The unit has a saleable area of ​​1,190 square feet. It is a four-bedroom standard household with a price of 41,000 yuan. In addition to the most expensive transaction price in the Dessert area, it is also expensive for the Kowloon East residential price.

On the other side, on the eve of the vacancy tax, the mansion will speed up the construction. Wu Chongwu, Director of Sales Department of Huaying Group, said that the three houses of Yinjingfeng (see photo), No. 2, North Anning Road, Qingshuiwan Peninsula will be sold in the form of daily tenders and tenders. The tender and tender closing date will be from July 25 to August 31. On the day, the price is based on the price of the same district, and the price will be the highest in the Sai Kung District. The three bungalows are all four bedrooms and four sets, with a saleable area of ​​2,438 square feet to 2,981 square meters, and a double-storey garden area ranging from 4,528 square feet to 6,547 square meters.

Silver King Peak Tender Challenges Saigon New High Price

Wu Chongwu continued to refer to the sale of the mansion in No. 18, Bisha Road, Sai Kung, which is closely related to Yin Jingfeng. The project has 10 bungalows, which are waiting for the occupation of the paper. The system is responsible for the new payment method. I will take a look at the effectiveness of the new payment method for friendly developers in the same district. He also said that there will be 5 detached houses and 2 duplex units in Tseung Kwan O, which will be sold as tenders in the next month. The Long Ping Station project in Yuen Long will also be deployed as soon as possible for sale next month, 55 Pok Fu Road, Pok Fu Lam. The fastest fourth quarter sale.

Second-hand buildings also saw broken deals. The Ap Lei Chau Court in Ap Lei Chau, which has always been the "Chasing House King", has a mid-level transaction price of a new high.

Yuehai Huating 960 million high

According to the Land Registry, there are two rooms in the middle floor of Yuehai Huating, the practical 605 square (building 803 square). At the beginning of this month, the registration was changed to 9.6 million yuan, and the actual price was 15,868 HKD (11,955 yuan). The housing estate is new. The original owner bought it at the end of 1996 with 2.659 million HKD (not replenished land price). A 3-bedroom household in Tsing Yi House, Tsing Yi House, changed hands at a free market price of $6.4 million. The transaction price of the estate was a new high.

Qingyayuan recorded 6.4 million transactions

Midland Realty He Yongfang said that the unit is Room 05 of the high-rise of Qingyayuan. The practical area is about 489 square meters, and the three-bedroom interval. The original owner has placed the real estate for nearly half a year. Recently, the first foreigner received a total of 6.4 million HKD in the free market. The practical price is about 13,088 yuan. The buyer's favorite housing estate is close to convenient transportation, and the high-rise landscape is open, and the tower has decided to enter the market for self-occupation twice.

According to the data, the original owner purchased the upper site in November 1989 for about 296,000 yuan.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.