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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 May: Average price per sq feet $12192 2.65%   (last month:$11877)
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Big hand guest 87.55 million sweeping sea otters full floor 6


Developers change the array to reserve the whole building for rent

Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Ma Cuimei, intern reporter Huang Yiwen) Xindi (0016) North Point new property Haishu sold 45 people yesterday, the news said that as of 17:00 yesterday, 44 people were temporarily sold, among which there were more than 87 million HKD Sweep the entire floor of 6 units. Xindi announced that the new price list No. 2 was changed at the same time, and one of the properties was temporarily transferred for rent. Xinyi, the deputy managing director of the company, said yesterday that the total price of the No. 2 price list was 36, and the average price was 40,466 yuan, including 6 13 units, but it was not intended to be sold in accordance with the requirements of the first-hand regulations. The whole building will be temporarily rented in the form of serviced residences, with the intention of renting materials to challenge the Eastern New Heights. He stressed that the change has nothing to do with the government's recent sunrise move. The main reason is that the luxury home is heavily involved, and I believe the market will take time to digest.

Xinhan Acting General Manager Chen Hanlin said that the original price of Haishu was pushed by the new No. 2 price list involving 36 people, the price ranged from 16.14 million HKD to 288,000 yuan, the price ranged from 43,832 HKD to 54,971 yuan, and the discounted price was about 1307.34 million yuan. 2,333.2 thousand yuan, the discount price is 35,504 HKD to 44,527 yuan, the average price is 40,466 yuan, and the remaining unit price of the 1st price is expected to increase by 2%.

Thunder: The rental period is not too long

As regards the details of the renting of Block 6, the Thunder refers to the details of the tenancy and will be explained later by the Tenancy Department. It is expected that the tenancy period will be divided into six months or one year, and the intention to rent the materials will challenge the Eastern New Heights. Asked whether it is related to the introduction of additional rates measures by the Government earlier. He pointed out that since the project is a quality property and the luxury units are involved in a large amount of capital, the price is also high. I believe the market will take time to digest, so I decided to take the sixth seat. The building is temporarily used as a serviced residence, but the rental period is expected.Not too long.

The units that Haishu sold yesterday were separated from open to two-bedroom households, and the admission fee was about 10.25 million yuan. Li Zhicheng, Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Property Management, said that some local buyers have spent more than 108 million HKD to sweep the entire floor of the 5th floor of Block 5A. The maximum discount is 19%, the actual price is 87.55 million yuan, and the utility area is 286 square meters. 524 square meters, the interval is open to two rooms, the unit price of 12,487,000 HKD to 27,011,000 yuan, the real price of 10,046,000 HKD to 21.87 million yuan, expected for investment purposes.

Chen Yongjie: Overseas buyers enter the market early

Chen Yongjie, vice president and head of the residential division of Centaline Property Asia, said that the big buyer time (group A) was very good. At about 12:30, it sold more than 20 units, nearly half, and the attendance rate of group B reached seven. to make. Among the buyers, seven became investors and three became users. Seven of the customers were Hong Kong Island buyers, and Kowloon and the New Territories each accounted for 15%. He pointed out that Haishu’s main push unit was this time. The lower level was the main one, the average price would be cheaper, the market responded well, and the sales situation reflected that the market started normal.

Chen Yongjie revealed that some mainlanders have purchased one unit and are willing to pay 30% tax (15% buyer stamp duty, 15% double stamp duty), indicating that a group of investors are not affected by the HOS policy; the government intends to refuse overseas buyers to buy Hong Kong houses. It is expected that overseas people will not be able to introduce early purchases of Hong Kong properties.

Chen Yongjie said that about 350 transactions have been recorded since July. The government's new housing policy and the World Cup have affected the volume and volume of the market. Therefore, this week, developers are pushing the development of the property step by step. It is expected that after the World Cup, the pace of transactions will accelerate in the second half of the month. Developers will also add that there will be 1,500 transactions in July, but still less than the 2,100 in June. In terms of second-hand transactions, it is estimated that there will be only about 3,000 transactions in July.

Grand YOHO沽 4 sets of 75 million

In addition, Xindi Yuen Long Grand YOHO sold 4 units in the form of tenders, and cashed over 75 million yuan. The units were all 5th E unit, with a usable area of ​​898 square meters, located on the 15, 17, 21 and 22 floors. The prices are 20,886 yuan, 20,906 yuan, 20,948 HKD and 20,958 HKD respectively.

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