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Avoiding vacancies, NAPA has a turnover period of more than two years.


Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Liang Yueqin) The government announced the launch of a first-hand vacant tax, and developers are speeding up the sale of existing luxury properties. Wheelock Properties has launched a two-room tender for the existing building in Tuen Mun yesterday. It has introduced a turnover period of 840 days (about two years and four months). Buyers only need to pay 20,000 HKD a month for the first two years. You can live and live after the transaction.

Huang Guangyao, managing director of Wheelock Real Estate, said yesterday that the NAPA handover procedure in Tuen Mun was almost completed. It officially launched the sale of the house and introduced the plan to pay for the home purchase. One of them was the 840-day turnover period. For the period of 10% of the property price, the temporary sale and purchase agreement will be paid for a total of 20% of the total price in four installments within 120 days. After the signing of the temporary sale and purchase agreement, the total price will be 20% in 450 days and 650 days, and the remaining 50% will be paid. For the payment within 840 days after the signing of the provisional sale and purchase agreement, the buyer can also enjoy early check-in. In the first two years, a monthly rent of $20,000 is required to purchase the house purchased four months after the signing of the temporary sale and purchase agreement.

Pushing over two years to pay the rent can live first

The other is a 780-day trading period. In the first two years, the buyer has to pay a monthly rent of $20,000 to purchase the house for two months after signing the temporary sale and purchase agreement. Among the above two payment methods, if the buyer completes the transaction ahead of time, he can get a cash rebate of 1% to 2% of the property price.

He pointed out that the property was pushed by the C29 and D15 houses yesterday, and the bidding was carried out next Monday. The practical area of ​​the C29 house is 2,040 square meters, and the garden 876 square and 585 square roof, the D15 bungalow has a practical area of ​​1,763 square. Hey, there are 822 square gardens and 465 square roofs. He said that the property has a total of 60 houses and 8 houses have been sold. The transaction price is about 16,800 to 20,458 yuan.The average price is about 18,000 yuan, and there are still 52 foreign houses with a market value of about 2 billion yuan. The entire building is sold for 378 people, and the cash is over 2.7 billion yuan.

壹銮Recommended household bidding

On the other hand, Yongde Real Estate Development General Manager and Assistant Chairman Yu Dequan said that Happy Valley will launch a 30- and 31-story duplex B room tender with the INDIGO, with a usable area of ​​1,454 square feet, even the 213 square platform, intentional price Referring to the recent pricing and transaction price of new properties in Hong Kong Island, he said that the land price on Hong Kong Island has reached about 20,000 to 30,000 yuan. The profit is expected to reach 40,000 to 50,000 yuan. The high-end price of the project can be created. The highest transaction price of the property has been about 38,800 yuan. He pointed out that the smashing sales of 76 gangs, the unit evenly paved a total of nearly 1.1 billion yuan, and the remaining seven groups for sale, the market value of about 250 million yuan. He also revealed that the Group will sell the No. 18 ring road in Southern District as early as next year. There are four independent houses with a saleable area ranging from about 5,000 square feet to 6,000 square feet.

Percy collected 2,300 votes for sale

Xindi's Yuen Long Grand YOHO Phase 2 also promoted 7 rounds of tenders. The units are located in Room E, 15th to 22nd floor, Block 5, and the large-scale units with a usable area of ​​898 square meters are closed on Sunday.

As for the first batch of 112 people from the Far East Development Group's Sha Tin Tai Wai Park, yesterday, the news indicated that the accumulated revenue was nearly 2,300 votes and the excess registration was 20 times. The batch of units will be sold tomorrow.

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