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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Feb: Average price per sq feet $10979 5.87%   (last month:$10370)
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Residential valuation is strong and rises by 40% in four months


Banks' aggressiveness in winning the rise in property prices

The Government launched the "New Six Moves" in the property market at the end of last month. Although it faces unfavorable factors such as the proposed interest rate hike in the second half of this year and the Sino-US trade war, the property market is still hot. According to the latest estimates of the three major banks in Hong Kong's top ten index housing estates, the valuation of most housing estates has increased by 10% since the beginning of March. The valuation of Taikoo Shing, Laguna City and Amoy Gardens has increased by nearly 20%. Significantly outperformed the increase in the second-hand property price index of 5.29% over the same period. Market participants believe that the upward revision of the valuation reflects the bank's view on the property market. The "New Six Moves" will also help the public to buy their own homes. In the second half of the year, property prices will rise steadily. ■ Hong Kong Wen Wei Po reporter Su Hongjun

In the face of the recent increase in spicyness and the seven consecutive interest rate hikes in the United States, they have not slowed down the property market in Hong Kong. The official property price index has risen for more than two years and has risen by about 40.9%. At present, the property market is facing new variables, including the launch of the "New Six Moves" at the end of last month, the interest rate hike in Hong Kong in the second half of the year, and the opening of the Sino-US trade war. How will the property market go? Banks are known for their risk management, and their changes in the valuation of their properties are more inspiring and relevant to revealing the direction of the property market.

Amoy Port City valuation rose 20%

The Hong Kong Wen Wei Po draws a unit from each of the top ten index housing estates in Hong Kong and regularly records the valuation trends of various units with the online valuation services of the three major banks in Hong Kong (BOC, HSBC and Hang Seng). Based on the latest statistics conducted after July 6 and compared with the records recorded at the beginning of March this year, it is found that the valuations of the top three index housing estates in Hong Kong are all upwards, ranging from 2.7% to 20.5%. However, it generally outperformed the increase in the property price index CCL of 5.29% over the same period.

The most up-and-coming, it is necessary to count the Ngau Tau Tau, Block F, a practical about 390 square feet of low-rise households.Hang Seng’s valuation rose to 5.93 million yuan, up 20.5% from March.

During the same period, the middle-level households in 20 Ligang City, Kwun Tong were upgraded by HSBC to 19.8% to 8.24 million yuan; a low-rise household of about 589 square meters in Hengshan Pavilion, Taikoo Shing, Quarry Bay, Hang Seng increased 19% to 12.2 million Yuan, the price of more than 20,000 yuan. As for the New Territories housing estates in this survey, the valuation is not as good as the above-mentioned urban housing, but it is also considerable. The highest increase in Shatin First City, Yuen Long YOHO Town, Tin Shui Wai Kingswood Villas and Fanling Huadu Plaza ranged from 10.4% to 18%.

Central Plains valuation index rose 5%

The Central Plains Valuation Index (CVI), compiled by the industry and reflecting the bank's attitude towards the property market, was last reported at 88.93 points last week, up 4.03 points or 5% from 84.90 points in the previous week. Compared with the increase of 15.18% in early March, it also outperformed the same period. The property price index rose. Huang Liangsheng, Senior Co-Director of the Research Department of the Central Plains Real Estate, pointed out that the Government announced the "New Six Moves" at the end of last month. It is not hot for home buyers. The levy of vacant taxes and the 50% discount on new HOS flats is to promote more market supply and Supporting the public to buy a home is beneficial to the bank's mortgage business. Therefore, the bank responded positively, and the CVI rose to nearly 90 points, ending the wait-and-see situation at 85 o'clock for five consecutive weeks. I believe that the bank's attitude will continue to be optimistic, which will help the property prices to develop steadily.

According to various forecasts, although the property market is facing more variables in the second half of the year, the public's desire for home ownership is still strong. Property prices are still expected to remain firm in the second half of the year. Huang Jianye, chairman of the Midland Group, believes that there are uncertainties in the trade war, coupled with global stock market turmoil and interest rate hike expectations, etc., the property price increase will slow down in the second half of the year. It is expected that second-hand property prices will record 7% to 8% in the second half of the year. The annual increase was 17%.

Zhang Shengdian, Director of Enterprise Development Department of Pu'er Group (valuation and property management), is optimistic about the market conditions. According to the current economic pace, property prices are expected to rise by 15% to 20% for the whole year. Unless there is a major change in the external economy, the land price will not rise. Will change. Chen Haichao, head of the research department of Lijiage, said that the impact of the six-inviting new housing policy that the government has just made in the second half of the year remains to be seen. With interest rate hikes and trade wars, the property price rise will slow down in the second half of the year, and the expected increase will narrow. To 5%, the year-on-year accumulation is expected to rise 15%.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.