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Two property of New Territories East upload price list, which the most expensive in Tai Po and Shatin


Thunder: The market price has always been affected by housing policies.

Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Liang Yueqin) After the government announced the new housing policy on Friday, the development of commercial fast-moving real estate, but the price is still aggressive. The two new properties in the New Territories East were sold at the price of the same district in the same district. The second phase of the Tai Po Baishijiao Yunhui Phase II was launched with a total discount of 17,380 HKD and 128 units, and the 284-square unit was 4.86 million yuan. As for the Tai Wai Persian of Shatin's one-bedroom household, the average price of 22,115 HKD for the first time was 50, and the entrance fee for the 201-square unit was 4.22 million yuan.

Even though there are more than 2,000 new real estate units in Baishijiao, Tai Po, the price of the second phase is quite aggressive. Lei Xin, the deputy managing director of the developer Xindi, said that the first price list of Yunhui Phase II was launched with 128 gangs, and the average price was 17,380 yuan. The price was described as a "smart choice" and it is expected to achieve good sales. He also pointed out that the group has always pushed the property at market price, which is not affected by the housing policy. The property will be sold as soon as next week.

Xinzhi Acting General Manager Hu Zhiyuan said that the first price list of Yunhui Phase II was 128, focusing on the 8th, 9th and 10th, including open to three-bedroom, some units have sea views. The first batch of units is entitled to a maximum discount of 19%, a discounted price of 4.86 million HKD to 16.21 million yuan, and a discounted price of 14,864 HKD to 20,209 yuan. The overall market value is 1.335 billion yuan.

Yunhui Phase II pushes one or two on the train

He also said that the developer provided 80% of the net property price. The first three years of interest rate P (currently 5%) was reduced by 2.85%. The loan period was up to 25 years. The net price was also up to 25%. According to the first 12 months (15% higher than the net property price but not higher than 25% of the net property price) or the first 18 months (not higher than the net property price)15% two) fixed interest rate 1.88%, followed by P. In addition, 120% mortgage plus payment method is provided. Non-local customers choose BSD payment method, except for 3% discount, and there is a 20% cash rebate of up to the property price, but only the first 80 designated units.

Huang Zewen, senior business director of Zhongyuan Real Estate Tai Po and New Territories East Mansion, said that the first batch of units in Yunhui Phase II was close to the second-hand project in Baishijiao District, and the developers provided various concessions for the first batch of units.

Percy 201 party 呎 4.22 million admission

In addition, the Far East Development Group's Shatin Tai Wai Mei Tin Road, Perak, also launched 50 gangs at an average price of 22,115 HKD per annum. It is a huge new building for the Tai Wai, and the 42-square-foot room is a total of 4.226 million. If it is compared with the average price of 18,198 yuan, which was announced in November last year, the average price of the first price list announced by Hongwei Dawei is about 8 months.

Far East Development Business and Marketing Director (Hong Kong) Chen Fuqiang said that the pricing refers to the price of the Sha Tin Building, and that the second-hand building price in Sha Tin has reached 20,000 HKD for more than 30 years. The property starts to collect tickets today, and a maximum of 2 tickets can be entered for one passenger. Depending on the ticket collection situation, the sale will be started as soon as possible next week.

There are 50 sets of the first price list of Percy, ranging from 201 square meters to 268 square meters. All one-bedroom households have a maximum discount of 10%. The actual price is from 4.22 million HKD to 6.45 million yuan, and the average price is 22,115 yuan. The developer provides 30% of the property price for the buyer, and the maximum can be 90% for the same one. The second loan is 2 million yuan. The first 24 months interest rate is P (currently 5.25%) minus 2.5%. The period is P and the repayment period is up to 25 years.

Zhong Cheng Real Estate Sha Tin Ma On Shan and California Jinxiu District Senior Sales Director Mai Chenghui said that the entry fee of Percy is less than 5 million yuan, providing attractive home purchase concessions and payment methods, which are expected to attract boarders and long-term investors.

According to the information, in 2014, Yuanzhan won the land for the real estate for 148 million yuan, with a maximum floor area of ​​more than 52,000 square meters. The land price per square floor is only 2,817 yuan, together with the construction cost, etc. The price is about 8,500 yuan, and now it sells more than 22,000 yuan. The profit is quite good.

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