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Avoid vacant tax New payment before you pay


Bulk cargoes are full of high-paying interest rates

Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Liang Yueqin) The vacant tax revenue of the government's first-hand building immediately kicked off. Hang Seng and New World's Shangyue in Yuen Long yesterday pulled out top-notch specialty households for RMB 19,457,000. The price was RMB 20,481. This was the first time that the estates had broken 20,000 HKD in transactions, creating a new high for the housing estate since its devaluation in 2012. At the same time, the major developers in recent months have reduced their first-period expenditures by offering first-come-first-time transactions, providing high-quality ones, and second-phase demolition orders, so that interest-bearing deposits are not provided for, and cash back sales are increased.

Henderson Land and the New World’s Yuen Long Shangyue 8th Floor, 28th Floor, Room C, top floor feature unit, with one parking space, sold for 19.945 million yuan, with a unit area of ​​950 square feet, with 749 square feet of platform and 805 square feet of rooftop, The price reached 20,481 yuan, which was the first time that the estates broke 20,000 yuan, and it has also reached a new high since the estate's devaluation in 2012.

Mong Kok still send "receiving rent" discount

New World’s real estate development in North Point, Pak Uk Shan, saw 4 teams yesterday, cashing in over $77 million. The project sold 425 people and sales exceeded 10 billion yuan. As for today’s truncated tickets, Mong Kok, which is invested by Yang Haicheng, and Zhongyuan Real Estate, together with Centaline Financial Group, have sent buyers “concession fee” concessions for buyers. From tomorrow to July 31, purchases are still available through Centaline Property. After the occupation of the property, the property owners who have rented the property exclusively through Centaline Property and commissioned Centaline Property to enjoy the first-year “Central Plains Income Insurance” insurance plan, with a total value of approximately RMB 85,000.

According to the news, there are still more than 230 votes for the sale of 76 guys tomorrow and overbooking 2 times.

On the other hand, on the eve of the details of the vacant tax revenue on the first hand building, the government announced major developments in recent months.Businessmen have each attempted to clear the tail of the existing building. Do not want to clear the price, only to work hard on payment methods, some luxury real estate to provide the payment method after the first stay. For example, Yuen Long Parkway, which was originally sold by New World in a tender form, last week suddenly used a bid to sell 38 houses and provided a low down payment for first stay. The buyer paid 15% of the price and was equivalent to 2% of the price. The permit fee for the property price can be checked in from January 1st next year until the 750th day after the signing of the contract or the expiry of the property transaction. As a result, the 38 houses will be cleared on the 2nd.

Changshi sold Repulse Bay 90 Repulse Bay 7 and 8 homes for more than RMB 1 billion to local families. It is also a method of payment for first-come-first-time transactions. Buyers receive 4.25% stamp duty and can enjoy up to three and a half years of transactions. Period and the buyer paid off the balance early and get a cash rebate offer.

Only 15% of the first phase of Tuen Mun Man Ming Shan

Another way to expedite shipments is to use high-value mortgages. For example, Kerry has introduced 3 houses in Tuen Mun Man Ming Shan. The designated financial company provides buyers with 70% of the purchase price, the loan period is 15 years, and can be used throughout the period. Interest is not paid for only, the first three-year interest rate is P-1.5% (actual 3.75%), followed by P (5.25%), and the property price is 15% second press, with a repayment period of 15 years, the first three years It only needs to pay interest. In other words, the buyer can receive a maximum of 85% of the price of the property. The first period only requires 15% of the property price, and the interest will not be used for this, reducing the expenditure for the initial period of the mortgage. Hua Wei also recently increased the spare number of standbys for the Yin Wen Lishi in Kowloon Tong from 70% to 80%.

Of course, the most direct item is the price reduction. Since it was held by Shanwei Leopard and the two-and-a-half-year-old Kowloon Tong, Lashahui has not yet sold any of the first four price lists since October 23, 2015. The unit, during which the price had been reduced and then increased, was reduced by 11% to 13% from the previous price list in the middle of this month. Shinji has added cash rebates for Yat Yi Garden in Saigon and Yiwu Haihui.

As a matter of fact, many new properties have not been sold or leased for many years. However, if the government is required to collect a vacant tax for vacant units of one or more years of building, there are still more than 100 existing cargo terminals. The properties for sale include Tin Tin Estate in Ho Man Tin, Ao Ling in Clear Water Bay and Man Ming Shan in Tuen Mun. As regards properties with more than 50% of cargoes at the end of the current floor, the buildings include the Palau in Tuen Mun, Shau Kei Wan Kowloon Peak, Shouson Hill SHOUSON PEAK, Wong Nai Chung Road 23 to 39 in Wong Nai Chung, and Shau Kei Wan in Kowloon Tong. The ratio of the tail end of Lasha Exchange in Kowloon Tong is 100%.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.