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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Mar: Average price per sq feet $11675 6.89%   (last month:$10922)
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Mong Kok Shangyu 181 呎 special households discounted 6.81 million


The price is 37,600 HKD with 498 platforms

Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Liang Yueqin) On the eve of the government's confiscation of the emptied tax on one-handed buildings, developers have been quickening their clearance, but the asking price has been astonishing. The privately-held Mong Kok Mong Kok, the chairman of Shide Global Group, etc., held a price increase of 1.4% yesterday, pushing the remaining 46 groups. Among them, the characteristic households in Room A on the 3rd floor were only 181 sq ft, and the platform area was 498 sq ft. Open house, discounted price of 6.813 million yuan, up to a price of 37,642 yuan, is the highest unit price of the real estate, its price is comparable to the large-scale estates in the region nearly 1,000 households, but also expensive Hong Kong Island Mid-level lot of old mansion .

Yang Jiajun, a developer representative, said that there were 46 groups that were pushed by yesterday, and the saleable area was from 158 square meters to 193 square meters. The discount price was 3.857 million HKD to 6.814 million yuan, which was a discount of 24,409 HKD to 37,642 yuan. Among them, 42 standard households discounted the average price of 25,951 yuan, an increase of 1.4% over the first batch of standard households. The discount price of the four groups and even the platform special households was from RMB 4,512 to RMB 6,813,000. The property was also announced yesterday with the sale of 76 units for sale this Saturday. This Friday, the votes were cut, and each group of guests purchased a maximum of 2 groups. The market value of the 76 groups exceeded 300 million yuan.

Saturday Sells Entire Building

He said that many new real estate sales have recorded satisfactory sales in recent days, reflecting strong market demand. Since the first price list was announced, the market responded enthusiastically, and most units had a discount price of less than RMB 6 million. , I believe it is attractive to young car racers and investors, and the property has accumulated 200 votes by noon yesterday.

In addition, the new agent general manager Hu Zhiyuan said yesterday that the demonstration unit at Baishijiao Yunhui in Tai Po is nearing completion and will be open next week at the earliest. Immediately thereafter, the sale price will be higher in early July.Big. He pointed out that the entire project has a clubhouse with a garden area of ​​more than 140,000 square feet, an outdoor swimming pool of 50 meters and an indoor swimming pool of 25 meters. It also provides an indoor sports field, a fitness room, a banquet hall and a shared sitting area.

Silver Haifeng sells 55,403 HKD

With regard to the sale of new properties, it has taken more than two years and China Silver Group’s Qingshuiwan Peninsula North Yinhaifeng took out D houses from 1.418888 billion HKD yesterday, setting a new high for the project price, with an area of ​​2,561 square feet for the independent housing estate and a price of 55,403 yuan. The unit is a 2-storey high with rooftop units, with front and rear double gardens, a total garden area of ​​5,202 sq ft, and a rooftop area of ​​1,005 sq ft.

Wu Chongwu, director of the sales department of Chinachem Group, said that this month, Yinhaifeng sold two separate houses, involving approximately 272.761 billion yuan. The project only has 2 single houses for sale, ranging in size from 2,343 sq. ft. to 2,561 sq. ft., including independent houses. A enjoys more than 5,000 square feet of gardens.

CITIC Plaza's Yat Yi Garden and Yip Hoi Marine Exchange yesterday announced the addition of the “Summer Fun Cash Rebate” concession, which took effect on Saturday. Among them, the summer fun cash rebate for Yatse Park was 238,000 yuan. Summer cash rebate for the 88,000 HKD to 188,000 yuan. In addition, the new top floor of Laguna Park is accompanied by a renovation demonstration unit, which is open for bookings from guests on Fridays.

Grand YOHO kills nearly one million

The first case of Grand YOHO Phase 1 of the New Lands in Yuen Long is now available. According to the first-hand sales brochure, the 9th Floor, Block 46, Building G, has a saleable area of ​​543 sq.ft. and two-room households. It was sold for RMB 9,946,600 in September 2016 and the price was RMB 18,318. However, the transaction was terminated on the 21st of this month. . The buyer was ordered to be confiscated at least 10% of the deposit, and the loss was nearly 1 million yuan. The booklet shows that buyers enjoy the "Grand YOHO Family Cash Rebate", which means that close relatives of the buyer also subscribe to the building. The more family members purchase, the more discounts they receive, will receive a 3% cash rebate for the highest price.

Director of real estate investment, Guo Ziwei, said that due to restrictions on purchases in many cities in the Mainland, it is believed that mainland investors will speed up their entry into Hong Kong, and the Group will step up efforts to promote the relationship between the Group and the Mainland. Love dazzling, this weekend at the sales office also has staff to explain the purchase instructions and legal knowledge.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.