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Repulse Bay Mansion tender prices over 100,000


Vacant tax introduced luxury residential sales

Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Liang Yueqin) On the eve of the government’s confiscation of the emptied tax on one-handed building, 90 Repulse Bay Road, a subsidiary of Cheung Sha Wan’s Repulse Bay, pushed for the sale of the 7th and 8th connected homes last week for more than RMB 1 billion. The 9th and 10th connected mansion tender. Chang Chia Assistant Chief Manager (Business) He Jiaxin estimates that there is an opportunity for more than RMB 100,000 for the transaction price of the 9th and 10th mansion. It also means that the Group has decided to take back the 12th largest renovation project in the middle of this month. Opportunity to rent.

He Jiaxin pointed out that 90 Repulse Bay Road had accepted the visiting demonstration units by appointment and had visited guests including local families, businessmen, and international wealthy. They all admired the project and adopted the design of the 19th century British Crystal Palace. The units can seat on the Repulse Bay landscape. As a result, the property announced yesterday the promotion of the tender for the connected houses No.9 and No.10. The tender was closed on August 31.

The 9th mansion has a saleable area of ​​5,588 sq ft, another 956 sq ft terrace and 242 sq ft garden, 10th mansion has a saleable area of ​​5,630 sq ft, another 947 sq ft terrace and 250 sq ft garden, and the two gangs are all 5 Suites, built-in lifts, and each with two parking spaces. She expects that the transaction price of the 9th and 10th homes will have a higher price than the previous sale of the 7th and 8th homes. It is described as "there's a chance that one room is more expensive than the other, and the price is higher than the price of the house." The chance exceeds 100,000 yuan.

Take back the 12th mansion or transfer rental

As to whether the connected houses No. 9 and No. 10 will be the same as the connected house buyers No. 7 and No. 8, they can use the method of payment upon first check-in and receive a 4.25% stamp duty for a period of up to three and a half years.During the period and early payment of the balance received cash rebate offer, she said that the payment terms for each group of large homes will be set out in the tender documents, and will also discuss with the customer the appropriate payment method.

She also stated that as the super-luxury mansion is hard to come by, the group relied on 90 Repulse Bay Road's reluctant sales strategy, and the remaining part of the mansion was considered for rent collection, including the 12th largest renovation in the middle of the month. Luxury homes have been rented between 120 and 130 yuan. The real estate rental is expected to exceed 130 yuan. The real estate management fee is 8 HKD per party.

Bo Yi House 32.53 million Broken Top

In addition, New World’s Yuen Long Parkside sold No. 3 homes for RMB 32.53 million yesterday, selling at a price of RMB 16,371, setting a new record high and closing prices. The bungalow has a saleable area of ​​1,987 sq ft. It also has a private garden and a rooftop. It will also receive 2 parking spaces. Pak Yi has so far sold a total of 122 vehicles, together with parking spaces totaling about $900 million. Only the remaining number 1 houses are now available for sale.

Long solid in the Gulf of Love. Love Hyunmei raised the price by 4 groups last night. It was distributed in rooms A and B on 16th floor of Block 5A and rooms A and B on 46th floor. It was on sale this Friday, with an increase of 6%. The discount price was from RMB 26,204,000 to 3,021.9. Ten thousand yuan, the discounted price of up to 26,006 yuan, the new project high transaction price. Wheelock Property also launched a new batch of 7 OASIS KAI TAKs on Friday.

Hengdi's Leo House in Mong Kok. Kiaan and Ka Wah’s Jiaxi Pak Shek Kok, respectively, yesterday put three of them and five of them together. It is estimated that the developers will be re-introduced due to the optimistic outlook.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.