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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Mar: Average price per sq feet $11675 6.89%   (last month:$10922)
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Taihe Village Mini-House sells ten thousand


Crowning the New Territories East Public Housing Estate

The Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Su Hongkai) has become more and more sought after for the “Houses for Sale”. A mini building with a total area of ​​only 153 square feet in Tai Wo Estate, Tai Po, was sold for more than RMB 17,000 per square meter. It also listed the second most expensive case of public rental housing in Hong Kong. At the same time, the car parks such as Richland Garden, Greenfield Garden, etc. have recorded new high-priced transactions, and the upper door threshold is getting higher and higher.

According to the Land Registry, Tai Po Village, Tai Wo Estate, Tai Po Estate, 8th floor, area 153 sq.ft., recently sold for 2.65 million HKD (has been paid), which was equivalent to a high price of 17,320 yuan. In the second-highest case in Hong Kong, it only surpassed the record of $18,667 set in Changan Village of Tsing Yi last month. As for the original owner who only bought units for $75,800 (without premiums) in 2003, it is estimated that the profit after deducting the premium is still very high.

Regent Garden first rose to 7 million

The cost of the Regency Garden in Kowloon Bay rose to 7 million HKD for the first time and 8 million yuan. According to market sources, there are 3 high-rise D rooms in the housing estate, covering an area of ​​538 square feet and trading at 7.8 million HKD (has been paid), creating a new high for the housing estate, equivalent to a discount of 14,498 yuan. The original owner bought it as early as in 1998 for 2.55 million HKD (has been paid), and the value of his holdings more than doubled in 20 years.

The Tsing Yi Greenfield Garden's construction cost and price reached another record high. The United States said that Liang Wenfeng said that in the 10th floor of the G room, there are 2 rooms separated by an area of ​​368 sq ft. The first homeowner in the area received 6.23 million yuan, equivalent to a price of 16,929 yuan. The price of new housing estates has reached a record high. The original owner purchased the site for about 12.75 million HKD in 2005, and the value of its holdings has so far increased nearly 4 times.

Cuiyi 97 Real Estate Appreciation Half Changed At the same time, the estate also recorded the first case of "Eight Balls." According to sources, 10 of the estate's ten floors, Room E, with an area of ​​494 square feet, were sold at a price of 8.1 million HKD to create a new high for the housing estate, which was equivalent to a price of RMB 16,397.

The original owner bought it for 3.3 million HKD in 1997, and held goods for 1.5 years.

Centaline Realz Lei Zelin said that the market recently recorded a case of Cheung Sha Wan Xiao Ying. The unit was a mid-level room A, with an area of ​​515 square feet. It was purchased at an interval of two rooms and had just been sold for 8.37 million yuan, equivalent to a price of 16,252 yuan. The new buyer is a first-time home buyer who has taken the board for personal use.

It is understood that the original owner purchased the unit for 7.16 million HKD in December 2014. He recently decided to buy new flats for his family members. He has held the goods for nearly 4 years, and has now transferred his books and profits 1.21 million HKD to leave the market. The unit has appreciated. 17%.

Taihe Village

The price of 17,320 HKD

New East Public Housing Heights

Regent Garden

Total price 7.8 million HKD

Housing estate (advanced price) new high

Greenfield Garden

The total price is 8.1 million HKD

Housing estate new high

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