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The KIng of Hong Kong Island HOS, Healthy Village sold $9.38 million


Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Su Hongyu) recorded the sale of more than $9 million in HOS flats on Hong Kong Island following the record of $9.8 million "Home Ownership" in Cheung Sha Wan Le Jardins last week. In North Point Health Village, a new case of $9.38 million was registered and the highest-priced HOS flat in Hong Kong was listed and the second highest in Hong Kong. At the same time, Yue Hai Hua Ting in Ap Lei Chau has sold more than 17,000 yuan, which is an absolute necessity to shut out all the houses in Hong Kong. This reflects the rise in private property prices and the overall tilt of public housing.

The Home Ownership Scheme estates managed by the Housing Society have broken through the top, with the Cheung Sha Wan Le Nin Garden and then the North Point Health Village. According to the Land Registry, the low-floor Room F of Kang Hong Court in Health Village, with an area of ​​592 sq ft, was recently negotiated at a price of 9.38 million HKD (has been paid), which was equivalent to a price of 15,845 yuan. It has become the most expensive home ownership subsidy case on Hong Kong Island. In February this year, Aberdeen Nantao Club set an old record of 8.6 million HKD (has paid) and was 9% higher.

The transaction was among the second-highest number of home ownership cases in Hong Kong, second only to the record of 9.8 million HKD (advanced price) made in the high-rise Room A of Block 2 of Leung Nga Gardens, Cheung Sha Wan last week. As for the original owner's purchase in 2007 of 2.6 million HKD (has been paid), the holdings of goods have changed hands for 11 years, and the property book has appreciated 2.6 times and earned 6.78 million yuan.

Yuehai Huating refreshes price

At the same time, the price of sandwiches is also set high. According to the Land Registry's information, the high-rise D room at Block 2 of Yuehai Huating Estate in Ap Lei Chau has a practical area of ​​422 square feet and is a two-bedroom space. Last month, the price was 7.26 million HKD (filled The change in price was equivalent to a price of RMB17,204, which caused the first time the price of the house in Hong Kong rose to 17,000 yuan. Looking up the information, the previous record for the price of the sandwiched house was set at $16,347 by the same estate in April this year, and the number of transactions completed this time was 5% higher than this. The original owner bought in 2010 for 2.54 million HKD (has been paid).Holding value of goods for eight years appreciated 1.9 times.

In terms of private homes, Hung Hom Whampoa Village, which is more than 40 years old, has reached a record high. Central Plains Yuan Xianan said that the housing estate recently recorded a change in the high-floor three-room Lok Fu Building, with a floor area of ​​323 square feet, and a price of RMB 6.16 million from the two-room interval, creating a new high price for the same type of two rooms, equivalent to a high price of RMB 19,071. The estate is new high.

Zhu Weixiong of Central Plains stated that the high-level room C of Block 1 in Tsing Yi Greenfield Garden has a saleable area of ​​365 square feet. It is a two-bedroom space and was sold out at a cost of RMB 6 million. It created a new high for the housing estate's two-room units, equivalent to a discounted price of RMB 16,438. Create a new high for housing estates.

House. The price of a house is 627,000 HKD

Newly built Cheung Sha Wan Apartment. After breaking the top record, Zhong Zelei Lei Zelin said that in the middle room of Building B, there is 324 square meters of practical area, and a room interval is used. The transaction price is 627 million yuan, which is equivalent to the new unit price of the same type of unit, equivalent to a unit price of 19,352 yuan. The price is high.

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