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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Jun: Average price per sq feet $12382 0.77%   (last month:$12287)
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[Monster of interest is coming] The price of Ocean Pride increase 30%


Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Yan Lun Le) The flow of funds out of Hong Kong has accelerated, and interest rates have risen sharply. However, the property market has become even more fiery, with one-handed and second-hand continuation of price increases topping off, and the situation continues to be abnormal. At the Tsuen Wan West Point in Cheung Sha Wan, the number of cargoes at the end of the 7-segment cargo was increased by a large margin. Some units increased their prices by up to 28.8% from 10 months ago, and the increase was almost three times that of the CCL in the same period. After calculating the 20% discount, the average discount price for the seven groups was RMB 28,325. The discounted selling price was RMB 21,811,000 to RMB 32,545.00, which was a maximum of RMB 28,326, which was expected to hit a new standard high in Tsuen Wan.

Large Units in Ocean View Price Up to 35,000

Cheung Kong yesterday updated two price lists for Sea Love, namely No. 4 and No. 5, involving 7 units, with a saleable area ranging from 770 sq ft to 1,149 sq ft, separated by 3 rooms with suites and storage rooms. 4 rooms with suites, storage rooms and workers' toilets. According to the price list, the six buildings of the 47th floor, Room C, with the most impressive increase, belong to the Unit 4 price list, with a saleable area of ​​1,149 square feet. In June last year, the price list price was RMB 313.78 million, but the latest price increase amounted to RMB 40.681 million. In just 10 months, it sold 9.103 million HKD or 28.83%, and the unit price was raised from 27,483 HKD to 35,406 yuan. The remaining six units for fare increase, which are located in rooms B, C and D in Blocks 49 and 50 on Block 6, will all increase by 13.3%.

According to the survey, the leading index of the Central Plains City on June 4 last year was 158.92 points. The latest index rose to 177.42 points on April 13, and the increase in property prices was 11.64% during more than 10 months. In other words, the increase in Sea Love was 13.3% to 28.83%, which was more than the overall property market, and the most expensive gang increased 28.83%.%, more than the increase of 17.19 percentage points during the period of the property market.

Guo Ziwei, a director of Chang Shi Real Estate Investment, said that since the end of the year, only the last 7 members of the company have decided to increase the selling price, which is expected to increase by more than 28%. Sale. However, even though the project has just increased the price, it will depend on the circumstances to launch sales arrangements. It does not rule out the closure of real estate for a short period of time. It is expected that the high-speed rail will attract Mainland visitors to Hong Kong to buy property.

Chang Ling Senior Sales Manager Feng Ling He pointed out that the entire Haizhi Lian Development Project sold 2,340 people, with a cash of about 27.7 billion yuan. Among them, the 963 affiliates of the Sea Love Co., Ltd. sold a total of RMB 10.2 billion. The other period, Hyun-mei, has also sold 1,377 gangs and cashed in more than RMB 17.5 billion. The remaining 59 4-bedroom units are for sale.

There was also a fare increase in the love of Hyun-mei. The increase in the price of the 22 designated 4-bedroom units was as high as 3%. They were distributed in the 4th and 6th floor units of 6th to 19th floor in Block 5A. The increase was relatively slight compared with the Love of the Sea, and the discounted average price was RMB 20,657. Consider adding units in the short term. The industry believes that due to the generally slow sales of large units, the increase in developers is also relatively restrained.

In fact, Cheung Kong has recently stepped up efforts to sell 4 bedrooms, including the “Love in 4 Rooms and 4 Rewards,” and the 4 winners will receive 100,000 to 1 million supermarket vouchers. The latest development of the developer is to use a mobile advertising vehicle to travel through all districts of Hong Kong. The public can see thousands of simulated supermarket coupons flying in the car and feel the joy of winning.

Cloud breaks the fasting house price 42,000

Xindi Sha Tian Yun Duan recorded the first two houses sold, including Premier 7 houses, a practical area of ​​3,740 square feet, a garden area of ​​441 square feet, roof area of ​​827 square feet, the transaction price of 159 million Hong Kong dollars, the practical price of 42,513 yuan. The market is expected to create a record high for the same type of housing estate-style houses in the same district. Another Premier 5 bungalow, which also had gardens and roofs, had a saleable area of ​​2,938 square feet. The transaction price was 112 million yuan, and the practical price was 38,121 yuan.

Xingwan Royal House 71.42 million transactions

In addition, Hengdi meets the sea. Xingwan Yu (Yinghai Phase 3), yesterday passed a bid to sell 16 31- and 32-storey flat B duplex units, with a saleable area of ​​2,880 sq.ft., with a transaction price of 71.424 million yuan, a discounted price of 24,800 yuan, and a transaction price. Break the record of Ma On Shan and become the king of Ma On Shan.

The SHKP Tuen Mun Mimson Hill has only heard the stairs, but there are new moves today or at last. The new agent general manager Zhang Zhuoxiu said that the project will upload the building book today, after which the demonstration unit and the upload price list will be opened immediately. In response to the opening of a new property development in Tuen Mun, Rieger Club opened a new branch in the district yesterday. Director Chen Dawei stated that the company now has 6 branches and nearly 70 people in Tuen Mun. During the year, Tuen Mun intends to increase the number of Tuen Mun to more than 10, and increase the manpower to 100 people.

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