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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Oct: Average price per sq feet $11207 2.12%   (last month:$10974)
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Man Ming Shan sub-leased owner Fang Chenghui 9000


Rent more than 80 HKD more than your market price

The Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Su Hongyu) has spurred housing prices to soar, and the finer the roof, the finer the rent. Occupying properties Man Ming Shan in Tuen Mun recorded a high renting case. Some owners succeeded in renting more than $80 to rent the master’s house, which was more than double the average rent for the housing estate. On the other hand, the mini-houses of the Hai Fu Court in Tai Kok Tsui were sold at a free market price of $18,302 and became the new owner of the HOS.

In the recently occupied Man Ming Mountain in Tuen Mun, the owners of the two-room households sub-leased their rooms and successfully obtained more than $80 for rent. Q Fennet Yin Xi'an stated that there were 7 floors of Room C at the bottom of the court, covering an area of ​​599 square feet. The tenant leased the master room for 9,000 yuan. According to a number of books, the owner’s room has an area of ​​more than 103 square feet, according to which the rent is calculated as 87 yuan. According to market information, Man Ming Shan has been gradually repossessing buildings this year. Rentals for rent are between $25 and $40. The rent for sub-leasing this time is more than double that for ordinary rental properties.

According to the agency, the landlord purchased the above units for $6.2948 million in September 2016. However, due to the plan to live overseas for a long period of time, he left Hong Kong this month. Therefore, at the beginning of this month, he decided to put the unit in a sublet. The single renting out of the master room this time has brought a 1.7% return to the owners.

On the other hand, the record price of HOS flats was broken almost every month. According to sources, the high-rise building of Haining Court, Hoi Fu Court, Tai Kok Tsui, with a saleable area of ​​212 square feet, has recently changed hands at a price of 3.88 million HKD (have been paid). As high as $18,302, the entire Hong Kong government has already paid a new high for HOS flats, breaking an old record of $18,283 for a unit in the 7th building of Kangshan Garden in Quarry Bay last month.

Hai Fu Yuan boarded homes

The original owner had a sum of 1 million HKD in 2010Buy-back, this year's book value appreciation of 2.88 million yuan. In addition, according to sources, the unit is now being leased out at a monthly rate of $9,200, and buyers are expected to enjoy a 2.8% return.

As the cost of the index housing estates continues to climb, the construction costs of the two houses in Taikoo Shing, Quarry Bay, have plunged to $14 million. According to the sources, a two-bedroom unit with rooftops in the Taikoo Shrine in Taikoo Shrine has a saleable area of ​​589 sq ft. New leases cost about RMB 13.59 million, which translates into a high price of RMB 23,599.

Taikoo City Two Rooms Fight 14 Million

The original owner bought only 2.65 million HKD in 1998, and the value of the property held in goods for the next year increased by more than 4 times, earning a profit of 11.25 million yuan.

YOHO Town, Yuen Long has a high cost of construction. The Central Plains’s Zhang Jieguo stated that it involves 7 top-level unique households with an area of ​​982 sq ft. It is a three-bedroom suite plus storage space, attached to a platform and rooftop, and was sold for RMB 12.98 million. The historical high of the court is equivalent to a price of 13,218 yuan. The original owner purchased the unit with a total of 505 million HKD in 2003, held the goods for about 15 years, and made a profit of 7.93 million yuan, an increase of 1.6 times.

The Sha Tin Plaza No. 4 Yard Luck Center also saw a broken sale. Zhongyuan Feng Zeyuan stated that Shatin Luck Center recently recorded a low-floor room B in the Berlin Court, which was sold at a rate of 505 square feet and was sold for 8.28 million yuan, equivalent to a price of 16,396 yuan.

The original owner entered the market in 2.9 million HKD in 2009. The book’s profit was approximately 5.38 million HKD or 1.9 times.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.