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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Mar: Average price per sq feet $11675 6.89%   (last month:$10922)
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Many people interested in New HOS, price of second-hand HOS almost $5 million


The price of Kang Shanyi breaks ten thousand and eight million and Rongrong costs more than 9 million.

Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Su Hongkai) A new batch of HOS flats and “Bai Ju Er” were closed late last night and are expected to break the 135,000 filings in 2015. At the same time, the secondary market for HOS flats did not give up. The agency data showed that the average amount of second-hand HOS flats registered in March was directly at “5 goals” (ie, 5 million yuan) and continued to hit a record high. At present, the home-based housing construction and haggard price records in the whole territory are refreshed in this quarter. In view of the recent launch of HOS estates adjacent to new luxury properties, he will continue to rise in property prices after he enters the market. A new generation of HOS flats is just around the corner.

The new phase 1 homes, Kai Tak Kai Lo Court, Cheung Sha Wan Kai Lok Court and Tung Chung Yu Tai Court, involved a total of 4,431 supplies. The sale was at a 30% discount to the market price and was closed at 7 pm last night. Lee Chi-cheng, Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Real Estate, said that the new phase of HOS and the new round of “White House II” markets have responded enthusiastically. In terms of second-hand home ownership, the registered amount fell in March and the average amount continued to record high.

Average second-hand registration 3 consecutive liters

According to the Land Registry, 320 secondary home registrations were recorded in March, down by about 19% from 395 in February. The registered amount was about 1.589 billion yuan, down by about 17.1% from February's total of about 1.917 billion yuan. On the other hand, the average registered amount of second-hand HOS housing continued to climb. In March, it further increased to about 4.965 million yuan, continuing to record highs, rising by about 2.3% from about 4.845 million HKD in February, and rising 3 in a row. month. With the launch of the new "Bai Ju Er", it is expected that the average registered amount of second-hand home ownership will force upward.

3 million or less recorded 10 cases

Divided the amount of second-hand home ownership registrations by the amount of money recorded in the categories of $3 million to $5 million168 registrations fell by about 26% compared with 227 in February; 142 registered in the category above 500 million, down by approximately 10.7% from 159 in February. The amount of registrations with a value of RMB 3 million or less increased by approximately 11.1% to 10 cases per month.

Various records were broken one by one in the quarter

The current record of HOS and construction prices for the real estate developments, whether in the green market or the free market, was refreshed in the first three months of this year. In March of this year, the price of HOS flats first broke through 9 million yuan. An area of ​​592 square meters, three-bedroom households in Charming Garden, Tai Kok Tsui, traded at a free market price of 9.2 million yuan, setting a new record for the transaction price of HOS flats in the whole territory. The price was RMB 15,541. .

The price of HOS flats in the free market also broke through 18,000 HKD for the first time in the same month. Two-bedroom households in Kangshan Garden, Quarry Bay, had a saleable area of ​​431 square feet, which was sold at 7.88 million HKD in the free market. The equivalent price was as high as 18,283 yuan. Record price of home ownership in Hong Kong.

In the green watch market, the current Green Form Home Ownership King was born in February this year. A 650-square-foot unit in Dongxu Court, Tsuen Wan, was sold for 8 million HKD (without premium). On the other hand, a top-level household with a saleable area of ​​422 sq ft in Ya Tao Club, Aberdeen, was sold at a price of 5.38 million HKD (exempt from the premium), equivalent to a discounted price of 12,749 yuan, a record high for HOS flats.

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