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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 May: Average price per sq feet $12322 3.75%   (last month:$11877)
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The first city of fine 3 rooms sold 7.6 million new high


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yan Lun Le) Although the Sino-U.S. trade war is heating up and global stock markets are unstable, the property market in Hong Kong continues to rise. The city of Sha Tin, the blue-chip housing estate that has recorded more than 10 times of record breaking this year, added another record-breaking transaction. The fine three-bedroom units changed hands for 7.6 million yuan, which is a new high for similar prices in the housing estate.

The prices of first-line housing estates in various districts continued to increase. Sha Tin Blue-chip Housing Estates, Shatin First City, Block 31, Building 31, Room B, covers an area of ​​451 square feet and is a fine three-bedroom space. Market participants have just completed a transaction of RMB 7.6 million and a practical price of RMB 16,851, creating a record high for similar units. As for the 10 high-rise H-rooms in Yuen Long Estate, with an area of ​​272 sq. ft., it is an open design and has just been sold for 4.8 million yuan. The Zhongyuan Real Estate Wang Qin Xuezhi unit is equivalent to a price of RMB 17,647, which is a new high for the housing estate.

In addition, Room D, Middle and High Floor, Block 23A, Haicang Plaza, Hung Hom, has a saleable area of ​​561 square feet and is sold at a price of RMB 11.08 million. The two rooms are sold at a price of HK$20,820. The selling price and the selling price create a record high for the two houses.

The price of Maanshan Center breaks 10,000

The second-line housing estates did not make much concessions. The Maanshan Center recently recorded the peak transaction price. The news refers to two high-rise B-rooms, covering an area of ​​364 square feet. The two-bedroom space was closed at RMB 6.2 million and the price was RMB 17,033.

In Hong Kong Island, Yao Yunlong, a mining strategy, said that just after the recording day, the low-floor Room A in Longfengge, Jinlongtai was traded. It was a two-step and two-block property with a unit area of ​​1,523 sq ft. It was used by the user to pay a high market price of 31 million yuan. 11 In addition, the price of double car parks, which is equivalent to the average price of 20,355 yuan, resulted in a double-breaking new high for both the unit price and the total price of the same type of property.

In addition to high residential innovations, parking spaces have become an alternative funding source in recent years because of the small size of the silver code.Road, the cost of rising steadily. Cheung Kee Estate Hu Zhiwei pointed out that the number one parking space on the first floor of Wai King Garden in Tuen Mun was sold for $1.15 million, an increase of $62,000 or 5.7% over the previous record of $1.088 million in March.

Increase in sales of expensive public housing in the previous quarter

As property prices have gone up, the public housing units that have had little interest in the past have also been robbed. According to data from the Midland Real Estate Property and Research Centers Comprehensive Land Registry, 174 cases of second-hand public housing (including free-market land premiums and unpaid second-tier markets) were registered in the first quarter of this year, compared to the fourth quarter of last year. The same; the amount involved was 475 million yuan, which rose slightly by nearly 2% quarter-to-quarter and hit a record high for the quarter. Among them, over 4 million registered book titles of second-hand public housing estates were recorded, which rose by about 50% quarter-to-quarter. On the contrary, the number of cases with a sum of $3 million or less was reduced by about 12.9% to 101.

Industrial register registered 11% increase

In addition, the increase in non-residential properties in recent years is also quite significant. According to information from the Comprehensive Land Registry of the United States Industrial and Commercial Bank Information Research Department, a total of 2,566 registrations of commercial and commercial shops were registered in the first quarter of this year, up 11% quarter-to-quarter, and more than 2,000 registrations were recorded for four consecutive quarters, creating 2013 A single-quarter high in the past five years after the first quarter; due to the lack of over $10 billion in large-hand sales registration during the period, the registered value has dropped back to 35.466 billion yuan, a decline of 29% in the quarter, but it is still the highest in the past five years. Record.

Huang Hancheng, president of Midea Industrial and Commercial Store, said that Sino-US relations have been strained due to the trade war. As an export-oriented economy, Hong Kong is expected to suffer the most from companies in the financial and trading industry. The demand for commercial and industrial shops may be reduced.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.