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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Sep: Average price per sq feet $10847 11.34%   (last month:$12235)
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Nanjin • Meet the Bank's first batch of 70 teams


Investors account for 60% of Tuen Mun Mid-Levels Mountain relay sales in April

Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Liang Yueqin) On the eve of Easter, sales of new properties continued to be satisfactory. With a discount of less than 4 million yuan, a total of 1,572 votes were registered for the property in Nanwan. The first batch of 70 gangs were sold to the bank last night. According to sources, 67 gangs were sold all night, approaching Minqing. SHKP has been approved for pre-sale in Yuen Shan, Tuen Mun. It plans to sell in April and will study the payment plan for passengers.

Henderson Land in Yutianwan Nanjin. On the bank last night, it sold 70 people in the first phase of Miramar Plaza in Tsim Sha Tsui. The saleable area ranged from 189 to 265 square feet. The average discount price was 22,443 yuan, and the discounted price ranged from 3.52 to 6.7 million yuan. At about 6.30 pm last night, about dozen prospective purchasers and estate agents waited at the sales office elevators. The sale was divided into two groups, Group A and Group B (buying one or two groups). Picking the floor, it is reported that during the Daqian time, 26 groups were sold. The company’s chief executive officer, Bu Shaoming, said that the bank recorded an 80% attendance rate, half were Hong Kong Island guests, and young people accounted for 40% after 1980. It also pointed out that about 60% of the properties were investors. In the future, the project will lease about 70 HKD and the rate of return will be 4%.

Proposed price increase 8% plus push

According to Lin Damin, general manager of the Henderson Property Agency (1) Department, the property raised the price by 5% to 8% and pushed a new batch of units during the day. It is expected that the second round of sales will start after the Easter period. Bu Shaoming expects that the volume of primary lotion this month is expected to rise to 2,300 and challenge 2,500 next month.

Constantly at Leo Square in Mong Kok. Xiao An also sold 2, 29th floor, Room A, with unique platform users, with a total area of ​​601 square feet, a platform area of ​​47 square feet, and a price of 28,230 yuan, a record high for the project, for more than RMB 16,966,200..

The car sales were booming. Zhang Zuoxiu, general manager of the new agency business unit, said yesterday that the Yuchai Mountain in Tuen Mun has received pre-sale consent to bid for the sale book in early April and the demonstration unit in mid-April. Opened in April, the property partnered with the four largest real estate agencies to open more than 100 real estate specialty stores across the territory. She pointed out that the property offers 522 people, and over 90% of them are one or two-bedroom units. The group will study plans for getting on board.

In terms of new real estate transactions, Sha Tin Jiu Ding, co-developed by Hong Kong Xingye and Nanfeng Group, yesterday sold 1 penthouse penthouse unit in a tender form. It is the first 9th and 10th floor B units (and some rooftops), practical An area of ​​2,829 square feet, belonging to 5 rooms and 5 suites, the transaction price of more than 101 million yuan, the price of 36,051 yuan, a record high for the Tongchuang project. The unit has more than 10 meters long cross-room, private lift lobby, 1,094 square roof and 528 square foot platform with Jacuzzi.

SHKP also sold the first floor of Building B on the sixth floor in a tender form yesterday. The saleable area was 1,173 sq ft. The transaction price was 61,038,000 HKD and the price was 52,036 yuan. Buyers can enjoy up to 9.475% rebate discount, discounted transaction price of more than 5,521.6 million yuan, the practical price of more than 47,000 yuan.

Kaide District special household sales chain

Kaide District is now a series of characteristic household transactions. Wheelock Properties sold the low-rise AZURE (low-rise Block D) 5th to 6th floors with roof top duplex B units at the OASIS KAI TAK in Kai Tak with a transaction price of RMB 26.49 million. The unit has a saleable area of ​​921 square feet and 291 square feet. The rooftop price is 29,251 yuan, which is the second highest price for room B in the same room.

The Jianye Real Estate Kai Tak Tianyi also sold a group of low-rise special households yesterday. The unit is located at Sky Villa B, 5th Floor, 6th Floor, Tower 3, Xinghui Meeting, with a saleable area of ​​1,394 sq ft and a transaction price of RMB 42,656.4 thousand. The price is 30,600 yuan.

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