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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Jul: Average price per sq feet $11801 5.1%   (last month:$12435)
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63 Pokfulam Open 3rd Record 3rd Hong Kong Record


Makes 38,700 HKD more expensive every other day 2.8%

Hong Kong Wenhui News (reporter Liang Yueqin), the sales price of nano-real estates was broken daily. 63 Pokfulam, a subsidiary of Jiuying Jianye, was sold yesterday for RMB 8,091,000. The first floor of the 25th floor, Room E, was sold in an area of ​​209 square meters. The sale price reached RMB 38,713, which broke the record of open market first-hand unit price of RMB 37,651 per square meter.

The Kowloon Pang Yee Industrial Estate 63 Pokfulam at Pok Fu Lam Road, Sai Ying Estate, has sold 6% since the end of last month. The sales have been satisfactory. It has broken the top price every day in the past 3 days and all of them have come from 209 square meters. According to market news, the property sold 11 people yesterday, with an area of ​​209 to 318 square feet and a transaction price of 78.20 million HKD to 113.168 million yuan. Among them, the developer sold Room E, Floor 25, Building 209, with a price of RMB 38,713, for a total of HK$8,091,000. It is reported that 63 Pokfulam sold 216 people in July last year, with a cash flow of more than 1.92 billion yuan.

Nanjin. Welcome to shore before Easter

As for Tianwan Nanjin, which attracts passengers with an admission fee of less than 4 million yuan. The shore has received a ticket for two days. According to Lin Damin, general manager of the developer Henderson Property Management (1) Department, the property had received about 200 votes since 2:30 yesterday. It is expected that at least 15 more members will be promoted at the beginning of next week, and conditions will increase by 5% to 7%. Open for sale before Easter week.

He pointed out that the property has two characteristic households, which are expected to be sold by tender. Among them, the top floor of the 29th floor, Room A features an area of ​​314 square feet, with 112 square feet platform and 240 square feet roof, and the third floor ARoom connected to platform users, an area of ​​493 square feet, with 598 square feet platform.

THE LODGE raises the price by 10%

In addition, THE LODGE, a serviced residence of Canton Road in Jordon, VCC Land, sells four units ranging from 204 square feet to 220 square feet, all of which are open-plan and priced from 5.45 million HKD to 5.75 million yuan. , the price of 25,272 HKD to 28,186 yuan. Gu Kangmin, assistant general manager of the group, said that the above units had introduced a price increase of about 10%. The same Happy Valley serviced residence V Happy Valley also pushed 3 groups, priced from 8.45 million to 8.5 million.

The developer’s referral to the Meridian Mortgage Agency introduced the Fixed Rate Mortgage Plan for THE LODGE. The first year fixed interest rate was 1.68%, the upper limit locked P was 3.1% (P is now 5.25%), and the longest repayment period was 30 years.

Jun Yufeng's first record case

Henderson Land recorded the first booking at Jun Yu Feng, North Point. According to transaction records, Room 21, Floor C of Jun Yu Feng was originally sold for RMB 5,391,100 on the 12th of this month. Buyers canceled the transaction recently and they were confiscated with a 5% deposit involving about RMB 270,000.

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