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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Dec: Average price per sq feet $10332 8.98%   (last month:$11351)
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MALIBU increased by 320 in the week


The new underground quarters will be launched in line with Yongtai Tuen Mun Three Projects

Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Liang Yueqin) Wheelock announced yesterday that it will be able to promote the 2nd and 3rd blocks of the Cannes MALIBU at the original price. It will be available for sale on Saturday. In other words, the property will be launched on Friday and Saturday. Sell ​​320 people. Other developers have also deployed new properties for sale in the second quarter, including the sale of the new site at the fastest speed in the next month at the Pak Shek Kok Estate in Tai Po, which is expected to be sold in the second quarter of the Tuen Mun Mid-Levels MTR in Tuen Mun. Tai Lam The Carmel plans to sell in the first half of the year.

Huang Guangyao, managing director of Wheelock Real Estate, said that in response to the large number of customers in the market, Teng Kwan O, Lok Ma Kang MALIBU pushed a total of 160 units on the 5th price list yesterday. The units are separated from one room to three rooms, including special households, with an area of ​​349 square meters.呎 801 square. He pointed out that the average price of the unit price increase was 20,160 yuan, and the selling price was from 7.53 million HKD to 17.66 million yuan, providing a maximum discount of 21.5%.

Huang Guangyao said there is no big hand group

He stressed that the current unit price of the additional units was similar to that of the previous batch of units, and the implementation of the sale this Saturday was not divided into Groups A and B. In other words, the project sold a total of 320 people on Friday and Saturday. The total market value of the price list was more than RMB 3.4 billion, which was similarly truncated on Thursday evening.

Together with this Friday and June sales units, MALIBU has sold 1,070 people, representing 67% of the total number of units sold. He said that the 320 vehicles sold on Fridays and Saturdays were the first units of Stage 2 and 3 of the first stage of the development, and the second stage was the unspecified sales time of Block 1.

For other developers, the first phase of the new Baishijiao project in Dapu is named Yunhui. Xinchi Deputy General Manager Hu Zhiyuan pointed out that Yunhui provided 804 people, includingFrom open-to-three-room, one-bedroom apartments, open-to-two-bedroom units account for more than 55%, and it is awaiting approval for pre-sales, with the fastest sale from next month to May. As for the second phase of the project, more than 600 people are provided.

Yunhui 804 is pending approval for presale

Scotias deputy managing director, Lei Lan, also said yesterday that the same family of Yuen Road in Tuen Mun is still pending pre-sale. It is expected that it will be available for sale in the next two months. As for Sha Tin Yundun is bidding to sell 3 houses, and Maanshan Yunhai yesterday pushed 4 standard households to bid.

Wing Tai more than one thousand supply in the next year

In addition, Yongtai Real Estate Development Executive Director and Sales and Marketing Director Zhong Zhilin stated that the residential project in the Tai Lam section of Castle Peak Road in Tuen Mun was formally named The Carmel and is now awaiting approval for pre-sale. It will be launched in the first half of the year. Project 1 provided 178 groups, including 48 bungalows, with an area of ​​approximately 1,000 square feet to 4,000 square feet. It also provided 130 tiered units with an area of ​​approximately 270 square feet to 1,400 square feet and is expected to be completed in the third quarter of next year.

He also pointed out that together with the MOS project and the Tai Lam Project, it will provide about 470 and about 500 gangs. The Group will launch 3 new properties on Castle Peak Road during the year to early next year for a total of about 1,100 people with a total gross floor area of ​​about 71.5. Million. The bidding documents for the same department of Shatin Jiuting have the opportunity to upload it during the month.

New real estate transactions. K Wah sold 9.0 million HKD yesterday to sell Room C, 1st Floor, Block 3, Kai Tak Kay Ho, with a 334-square-foot, 276-square-foot platform with a price of 27,096 yuan. price. Henderson Lands sold a new batch of 19 gangs at Nanchang No. 1 in Cheung Sha Wan yesterday. The average price was $20,452. The buyers could enjoy a discount of up to 3%. The news said that 14 teams were sold.

According to Zhou Jiafeng, managing director of Xingsheng Project, the floor-level and unit A of the first floor of Mount Vienna in Fo Tan, Shatin, updated the price list yesterday, and increased the price by 1 million HKD or 1%, and named House Mozart. The discounted selling price was 76.8 million yuan, and the discount price was about 31,280 yuan. , Challenge project prices hit a new high, on sale this Saturday. The unit has an area of ​​2,455 square feet and another 1,282 square feet of gardens.

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