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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Jan: Average price per sq feet $10194 2.37%   (last month:$10441)
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Charming Garden 3-bedroom sell 9.2 million


Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Liang Yueqin) has seen property prices rise and the price of HOS flats has broken through 9 million. An area of ​​592 square metres of three-bedroom households in Furong Garden, Tai Kok Tsui, was sold at a free price of 9.2 million yuan, setting a new record for the transaction price of all HOS flats in Hong Kong. The actual price reached 15,541 yuan, setting a new high for housing estates.

Hong Kong’s homeowner Zeng Hanmin stated that the newly created high-priced homeownership unit was the lower floor of Room 10, Furong Garden, Room A, three rooms apart, and a view of the building, covering an area of ​​592 sq ft., with a turnover of 9.2 million HKD (having premium paid). 15,541 yuan.

In addition to the transaction price of the above-mentioned homeowners in Hong Kong, which hit a new high in the territory, the price of the property was a new high for the housing estate. According to the statistics, the highest transaction price of all home ownership units in Hong Kong was established in April last year by the Furong Garden. The area was also 592 square feet. The transaction price was $8.82 million, and the price was set at $15,000, one year apart. , Property prices pushed up 380,000 HKD or 4.3%.


Public housing prices are recorded at high prices. According to information from the Land Registry, the 25 low-rise and 25 rooms in Huaming Village, Fanling, is a practical 150-square-foot flat. It changed hands last month to 2.268 million HKD (filled land price) and was sold at a price of 15,120 yuan. The premium of PRH premiums is subject to the above-mentioned price of HOS flats.

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