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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Jan: Average price per sq feet $10194 2.37%   (last month:$10441)
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Hong Kong Hokkaido Habitat chase Pacific City


The new high of 17,633 feet per sq

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Su Hongqiang, Yan Len Leung) HONG KONG (HONG KONG) - All HOS flats in Hong Kong have once again broken their roofs. Quarry Bay Hong Shan Garden recorded a new deal of $ 17,633 per sq ft. It was trading at a price of $ 18,000. Bay Peninsula, refresh Hokkaido record. In the meantime, Ho Man Tin made a price of $ 4.9 million for second-hand car space. The amount was enough to buy the first-floor two-room flats in Shatin.

According to the comprehensive market information, Unit A, 7 Middle Floor, Hong Kong Garden, Quarry Bay, covers an area of ​​431 square feet and was recently contracted for HK $ 7.6 million (already fully booked) at a price equivalent to HK $ 17,633 per sq ft. Recorded a record sale of 17,239 yuan. According to the survey, a record $ 3.8 million (already up-priced) register was recorded in Unit 10, Block A, Tai Foo Tsui Court, early this year. The unit area is 212 square feet, equivalent to $ 17,925 per square foot, although the registration is for internal transfer. Excluding the case of trans-shipment, the transaction in Hong Shan Garden boarded the new H-Share price of HOS flats in Hong Kong this time.

According to the information from the Land Registry, the original owner bought the flat from the HA with $ 296,200 in 1986 (without premium), which will appreciate in value after deducting the premium.

However, shortly after the completion of the above transaction, the estate recorded another deal of a low price. The Central Plains Yang Wenjie means that two low-rise E-Rooms, 2 Hillview Gardens, with an area of ​​431 square feet, are sold for 2.85 million HKD The price of 15,893 yuan, is the same type of unit a year low. The transaction even more with the aforementioned case a difference of 750,000 yuan.

City Garden recorded "double breaking top" case

Both belong to the Hong Kong Island area, North Point City Garden in private homes recorded "double top" case, the 21st century or CaiJiajun said that six medium-rise A-rooms, covering an area of ​​1,226 square feet, put the real estate for 3 months and sold for 24,500 HKD at a bargain price of 19,984 yuan, both of which have historically been recorded.

Other HOS estates, Cheung Yiu Wong Ching Tak said Tuen Mun Tsui Ning Garden also recorded a new high turnover, 4 Middle D Room, an area of ​​592 square feet, to 585 million (already premium), foot price 9,882 yuan, Estate record high.

Day cast-in-place 4.9 million Hong Kong second-rate

On the other hand, information from the Land Registry shows that the new double-parking space on the first floor of Phase 2 of He Man Tin Casting House has been updated with 4.9 million yuan. This is equivalent to the transaction price of the first two-bedroom home in Shatin, setting a new high ground parking price in Kowloon and breaking last year Kowloon Station Ceiling spaces set 4.6 million HKD old record. Apart from this, it boarded the second-most expensive parking space in Hong Kong, second only to the record of $ 5.18 million set by the Victoria Peak Property Carpark in Xiling District.

According to the information, the original owner of the above parking space bought at 3.7 million HKD in July last year and handed over less than one year of cargo holding. According to market sources, the average parking space in the estate is about $ 8,500 per month. Based on this, new buyers can enjoy a return of about 2%.

Residential rental returns fell across the board

In addition, property prices surged but rent did not keep pace, causing the rate of return to continue to fall. Information from the Rating and Valuation Department shows that the rental yields of various types of properties have all dropped to historical lows. Among them, Class A thin units with an area of ​​430 square feet fell to 2.7% in January and have an area of ​​1,722 square feet or above The rate of return for large units even dropped to a record low of 1.9% for the first time in various types of flats, dropping below 2%.

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