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Vanke Tuen Mun project more than a thousand push the first half


Positive increase in Hong Kong's land storage is to negotiate the purchase of real estate

In recent years, the real estate investment projects in Hong Kong started to mature in China. Vanke's first wholly-owned sales project in Hong Kong, 99 Watt Road, Tuen Mun, involves 1,154 units. Zhou Mingxi, vice president of Hong Kong's Vanke Hong Kong operations (marketing), revealed in Shenzhen on Friday that further project announcements will be released this month and that the sales preparation work is coming to an end. He hopes to obtain pre-sale consents as early as this year First half of the sale. ■ text, Figure: Hong Kong Wen Wei Po Yan Lelan reporter

Vanke Road (Tuen Mun) 's Wat Road project provides 1,154 units, in addition to the hierarchical units, also includes 30 bungalows. Intervals from 1 room to 4 rooms are separated, of which 1 room and 2 rooms accounted for more than half of the overall number of units. Project last December to apply for pre-sale consents, is expected to be completed by the end of February 2020.

Fu Rong Street project plans to sell during the year

In addition to the Wat Road project, the departmental Fleung Street, Cheung Sha Wan project is also planned for sale during the year with a supply of about 400 to 500 people. However, Chow Ming-hsiieh said that the design of the Fu-Rong Street project is still not completed as it has not been decided which elements will be put into place and plans are also made for the adjustment of units by young buyers in the district. It is understood that Vanke Land (Hong Kong) won Fuk Wing Street Lottery for 1.306 billion HKD in February 2016, with a floor area of ​​about 307.4 thousand square feet. At that time, the floor price per square foot was about 4,249 yuan.

He said Vanke would join the district as a feature on every project, as if the exterior wall of The Luna in Wan Chai was similar to movable type printing, in the light of the flourishing printing industry in Wan Chai. The Tuen Mun project will also be designed for offshore, mountain trails and international schools. He continued that The Luna Serviced Residence will be operational in April and earlier launched 5About 30 pre-leased, and 20% discount, open and one-off after the monthly lease from 20,000 HKD and 28,000 yuan, has received many expatriates and corporate clients inquiries.

When asked about the tactics for the coming year, Zhou emphasized that Vanke is planning long-term development in Hong Kong and full of confidence in the future development of Hong Kong. Therefore, Vanke will certainly increase its land bank in Hong Kong. He also disclosed that there was a negotiation on the project and the company's channel of increasing land storage was not limited to the government-run land bid. Private-owned land and urban renewal projects would also be considered and the land developers would not be excluded from their joint ventures with other developers.

Open prices can increase transparency

For the government recently announced, in the future will be open to all officials bidding price. Zhou Mingxi believes that this move will enhance transparency. Apart from the developers, the public can also have more comprehensive information and have a positive effect on the market. The Vanke home (Hong Kong) has always been rigorous risk assessment, open all the tender price, allowing it to have more market data to accurately estimate the market situation.

Asked about the property market after the Budget, he said that this year the economy is upbeat and has a positive impact on the property market and the land market. However, the upward trend in land prices reflects the developers' confidence in the market outlook. He also expected that the property market will have steady growth this year, with property prices fluctuating but within a reasonable range, mainly due to interest rates, public demand and land supply.

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