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Spring discount developers Qi plus code


More goods and more discounts do not hit promotions

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (Reporter Leung Yue Qin) Dog years come, major developers such as Cheung Kong, Hang Seng, Xinhua and capital strategy is still living under the Shang hope that the property market to undertake the prosperous year to Wang to the end of the year. During the Spring Festival, some of the properties under its sub-floors opened their doors and offered different preferential treatments for home purchase so as to make the people happy to buy their favorite products.

Cheung Kong's Ma On Shan Star sea of ​​stars for the four-bedroom launch of New Year home buyers suck. Yang Gui-ling, Cheung Kong's senior sales manager, said buyers who purchased the four-bedroom apartment with a suite from February 9 to March 4 will receive a donation of $ 13,800 and a discount of 138,000 yuan. Set buyers can also receive a value of 28,800 HKD blessing bags, the other was 288,000 HKD discount. The Lucky Bag includes Sheraton Hotel Meal Coupon, Fortress Electric Gift Certificates and a golf driving range stored value card.

Sea Lianlian buy 4 room delivery blessing bags

She pointed out that the offer is equivalent to 0.6% to 0.9% of the property price. A total of more than 50 bidders and the four-bedroom apartment with sales arrangements are eligible for discounts. The flat is for a fare entry of $ 13,341. As the real estate will be handed over by the middle of this year, four-bedroom double-family tenants will have 15% to 20% fare increase.

Henderson House real estate is great

Henderson property agency business (a), general manager Thomas Lam Tat-man said the department's full-line floor real estate business as usual. Henderson Property Agency (a) Senior Vice President Li Dexiang refers to the five-story real estate launch He New Year offers, where February 14 to March 5 purchase Ma On Shan Ying sea series penthouse, penthouse or garden house or Haitian Mingdi four-bedroom, the buyer will receive a value of 68,888 HKD Lee is; purchase Quarry Bay Junhao Peak, West Wing Properties Hanlin Feng, North Point JunYu Fung and Shang Yu Two or more rooms receive a bonus of 20,888 yuan, while the purchase of an open one-room or one-room store receives a gift of 10,888 yuan. He said a total of more than 226 partners in the five flats can enjoy the preferential treatment.

In addition, Han Ji-hui, general manager of Henderson Business (II), said that buyers will have Wada Caddolan, or Tai Kok Tsui Leo Fong on or before March 4. Xiao shore, Fanling Golf. Royal Garden and Causeway Bay, Jun Ju signed a temporary sale and purchase contract to buy the designated units, you can enjoy 48,000 to 138,000 HKD is not equal profit.

Turning to the sales arrangements for the year, Han Jiahui said the department is expected to launch 9 projects involving 3 projects involving 3 units. In the second quarter, the key units launched were mainly open-to-2 tenants. Among them, 500 were involved in the second phase of Leo Square in Mong Kok. The unit was mainly small-sized and the project was flat-topped. The demonstration units will be located in the International Financial Center in Central.

Sai Kung, Yat Seng Plaza, Sai Kung, Sai Kung also launched the Spring Festival holiday offer, from February 5 to March 5 to buy the designated units, you can enjoy the value of 88,000 or 188,000 Lee is a rebate.

Kudu mountain peak house 10% discount

Shang Jia, a subsidiary of Capital Strategy, launched the "Spring Festival Peak Surprise Price" discount for Kau To Shan in Sha Tin. The designated house will receive a 7% or 10% discount from February 3 to February 28. Vincent Fang, Managing Director of Shangjia Life, said that it will reluctantly sell the project units and will continue to increase the fares.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.