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Property mortgage without review, the interest rate more than 10%


Acting grab landlord borrow 70% ceiling 9 million

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Su Hongqiang) The mortgage industry launched a series of high-profile projects for floor-to-floor exchanges that will prevent banks from engaging in low interest rates and fighting the United States. Central Plains Finance yesterday launched a non-means-tested mortgage program, which boasts a borrowing of 70% and a borrowing ceiling of 9 million yuan. However, the interest rate reached P + 5%, or about 10.25%, from the 10th month onwards. Last night, the AP Meridian Mortgage referral program introduced immediately after the mortgage rate cut. The same can be borrowed 70%, the full-term interest rate more uniform P-1%, or about 4.25%, the loan ceiling up to 35 million yuan, but the meridian's The program is subject to an income test.

In view of the upward trend in interest rates, banks have been scrambling to launch fixed rate mortgages in the near future. Last month, the Legislative Council passed a new amendment to stamp duty to extend the floor renewal period from 6 months to 12 months. The mortgage industry has also spotted this opportunity to co-operate with the finance company to hand over the second-hand replacement floor market. Yesterday, Centaline Finance introduced a non-means-tested mortgage scheme to bypass the HKMA's mortgage restriction on second home buyers by up to 70%. However, the interest rate for the latter period was over 10%, equivalent to "1997" The peak interest rate.

Easy to replace the stress test

Centaline, Centaline and Centaline Mortgage Brokers yesterday jointly announced the launch of the "Easy Exchange" option for real estate mortgages. The maximum loan amount to customers reached 70% of the value of the new property purchase. The mortgage loan amount was as high as $ 9 million. pressure test. According to the plan, customers from Central Plains Finance for the new shopping industry to build a press, the first 3 months interest rate P-1%, 4 months to 6 months P + 1%, P 7% for the first 7 months to P 10% The month is P + 5%. P is 5.25%, which means the effective interest rate is as high as 10.25%, equivalent to the peak of "97".The scheme also applies to 128 constituent housing estates in the property price index CCL.

Central Plains Finance Managing Director Liang Li-Chung yesterday, referring to the exchange rate for the purchase price of 13 million HKD for large-scale blue-chip residential housing estates, the current maximum amount of mortgage is up to 5.2 million yuan, the first phase amounted to 7.8 million yuan, if the use of the plan Loans of 9 million yuan, down to 4 million HKD in the first phase, the cash reserves of 3.8 million HKD can be retained for the payment of stamp duty and part of the home ownership expenses; with the new government stamp tax revisions, customers sell their existing properties within 12 months and can be returned Million in stamp duty paid, customers may also consider transferring to other financial institutions to reduce interest expenses.

Meridian meridian push 4.25 determined by

Shortly after Central Plains announced its launch plan, Midland Realty and Meridian Mortgage Referral jointly announced the "Large-Scale Housing Exchange Program" last night. Special mortgage and financial companies provided the mortgage discount at the same rate of 70%. Although it still needs to undergo a number of income tests, the full-rate interest rate is set at P-1% (the effective interest rate of 4.25%) and the loan amount is up to 35 million yuan.

Liu Yuanyuan, chief vice president of meridian mortgage referral, said that last year the HKMA moved again to require all banks to cut down the upper limit on the number of new home buyers who borrowed mortgages or guarantors from mortgaging mortgages. In addition, when purchasing the second suite Stress tests need to be reassessed. Even though most homeowners can benefit from the property price appreciation in recent years, there is still a lot of difficulties in real estate exchange. Therefore, a new mortgage scheme has been introduced to respond to the needs of the developers.

Central Plains added 4.25 PCT lower down mortgage

As at 8 p.m., the Central Plains Mortgage Brokerage Company has sharply announced the "Low-Term Flexible Mortgaging Option" scheme for customers to choose from, matching with the meridian mortgage scheme and making the mortgage war intensified.

Central Plains Mortgage Brokerage Managing Director Wangmei Feng said that with immediate effect for clients referrals to apply for a new "low initial flexible mortgage offer", mortgage rates up to 70%, full-term mortgage interest rates as low as P-1% (P is currently 5.25 %), The mortgage period of up to 25 years, stress-free test, the loan amount up to 35 million, the repayment period of up to 25 years.

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