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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Feb: Average price per sq feet $11058 6.63%   (last month:$10370)
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PARKVILLE 15 sets the first half-day home sale clearance


Admission fees amounted to 5.87 million buyers said they would like to own property not afraid of property prices rise and fall

New World earlier proposed new properties for sale to help first-time homebuyers buy their own homes and launched the "First Generation Next Generation" pilot project with its PARK in Tuen Mun as its first pilot. Yesterday, real estate starts selling all 15 units under the plan, sold out in just half an hour. Although the stock market has fluctuated recently, Hong Kong may also step into a rate hike period. However, many buyers said that real estate is only for their own use and they are not worried about property prices going up and down. New World said it will review the planned response and collect the views of participants and the market before proceeding to the next stage of the arrangement. ■ Hong Kong Wen Wei Po Yan Le Man Yan Wen reporter

The PARKVILLE, Tuen Mun launched the "New Generation First Home Project" at the end of last year. It opened 15 units reserved in the morning yesterday. A spokesman for New World said that the market responded well and the 15 units that have been reserved have subscribed in full by about half an hour during the first round of subscription. The units sold were two-bedroom and three-bedroom, with salable area of ​​422 sq ft and 575 sq ft, respectively. The selling price ranged from $ 5,878,000 to $ 8,321,000 and the price of fare ranged from $ 13,837 to $ 15,199.

According to the information, the developers originally provided housing programs for undergraduates only. The final amendment was made to those aged 25-35 but they must be permanent residents of Hong Kong and buyers who have never owned a property in Hong Kong. However, they could also join other eligible persons Jointly buy a house.

The plan of the flat on the 3rd floor, Room B, practical 422 square feet, two rooms interval, the price list price of 744.1 million yuan, practical foot price of 17,633 yuan, after deducting up to 21% discount, the discount price of 587.8 million yuan, About 13,930 HKD per foot.

Mortgages up to 92.5% 440,000 can be admitted

The scheme has a maximum term of 40 years. The mortgage interest rate P for the first 10 years is reduced by 2.75%, followed by P by 1.75% (P is 5%). In addition, the SDC will pay stamp duty up to 3.75% of the purchase price.

The Harbourview Deal 11pcs The Zumurud Price is 23000

In the first two days of the past weekend, a total of 43 transactions were recorded in the primary market, of which 15 were THE PARKVILLE. Shek Pao, Po Sing and URA jointly sold 11 new kitchens.

Other new developments, the capital strategy Tuen Mun City. Point A was sold out as a unit on the 23rd floor with a usable area of ​​372 square feet and a sale price of HK $ 6,751,000, equivalent to HK $ 18,148. It sold 204 sets of real estate and sold over HK $ 880 million.

As for the collaboration between Cheung Kong and Kwok Ping-hun, Argyle Street Juniper recently sold Block B, 9th Floor, Block 6 with a usable area of ​​1,657 square feet and 4-septum sells for 39,028,000 HKD and a functional foot price of 23,553 yuan. The average remuneration of the prestigious Real Estate Kai Tak was raised for sale at Room C, 38th Floor, Tower 2, Tin Hoi Court, with a consideration of HK $ 24.262 million. Its salable area is 943 square feet and the transaction price is HK $ 25,729.

In addition, new properties have been recorded. According to one hand sales information network information, constant Fanling Golf. Royal Garden 7, 27th floor, practical 280 square foot G Room, about 2% earlier increase after the end of January to 5.317 million HKD sold, but the buyer recently canceled the transaction.

The case of Sideloft's Kai Tak OASIS KAI TAK Phase 2 also recorded a case of no progress in transactions. The unit is 2 Block A, on the 12th floor. It was originally sold on February 3 at $ 11,766,000.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.